Asheesh Birla Cites Ripple MoneyGram Developing New Infrastructure Together

Shailesh Panwar by Shailesh Panwar - 03:14 AM Feb 27, 2020
Asheesh Birla Cites Ripple MoneyGram Developing New Infrastructure Together

MoneyGram, a fund transfer service, has been actively developing fresh corridors. Asheesh Birla, SVP of Product and Corporate Development for Ripple, cited that the two firms were operating jointly to develop something big this year.

A Plan To Develop New Infrastructure

Birla cited MoneyGram and Ripple were developing new infrastructure to improve their remittance operation across the globe. Birla insisted the combined effort of the two firms has always been very high, continuing that the development of the market required loads of work.

In the next statement, Birla cited that MoneyGram even operated on RippleNet integration for A2A transfers this year.

This action was mainly associated with the ODL's ability to decrease capital costs. Simultaneously, payment would not be notably high for the third parties. Furthermore, according to a recent press release from MoneyGram, the firm viewed Ripple as its future partner. As mentioned by the organization's representatives, the parties worked on developing strategic alliance all the time.

MoneyGram Discloses About Ripple's Investment 

The company's money transfer service brought an extra $11.3 million investment from Ripple in the last six months of 2019.

According to the firm's report, investments from Ripple were distributed to guarantee higher liquidity within the foreign exchange market. Here, the technological solutions from Ripple were involved. Members of the translation service intended to utilize the entirety of cooperation benefits to increase revenues and lessen the capital level.

Earlier, technical solutions from Ripple enabled MoneyGram to begin processing 10% of its transactions amidst Mexico and the USA based on the development of the startup. During the alliance, the translation service simplified the process of conversion, boosting up the transfer of fund.

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