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Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform is Now Available to Terralogic's Clients in India

Terralogic, a top 250 MSSP and technology integrator, has chosen the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform to provid ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Finance Ministry Asserts There is No Plan to "Boost" Cryptocurrencies

Pankaj Chaudhary, the Minister of State for Finance in a written response says there is no plan to boost crypt ...

  Dec 7, 2021
OpenSea IPO Prompts Criticism from Crypto Users Who were Expecting a Token

OpenSea has announced intentions for an IPO, some crypto users are concerned that a coin will not be released— ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Tax Investigation Underway for Korean Crypto Investment Firm Hashed

At present, crypto investment firm Hashed is under inquiry. The investigation is carried forward by the Nation ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Safe Haven Acquires Registration at PancakeSwap with an 8% Rewards to Holders

The Safe Haven team has revealed its listing on PancakeSwap. The primary feature of the ecosystem $Haven is to ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Shiba Card's Innovation Transforms Crypto into Prepaid Cards

With much anticipation, the Shiba team is soon going to announce the release of the Shiba Card. Shiba Card can ...

  Dec 7, 2021
Singapore Blockchain Startup Acclaimed $1.2 Million in Less Than 3 Minutes

On December 5, 2021, Globe Newswire stated, "In a gold rush, sell the shovel," Singapore-based blockchain star ...

  Dec 6, 2021
Cardano Based Verlux NFT Sold Out Over 80% of Its Distributed Seed Sale Tokens

80% seed sales for Verlux – a Cross-Chain NFT business developed on Cardano, have been filled as of December 9 ...

  Dec 6, 2021
El Salvador's President Informs Peter Schiff on Advantages of Shifting from Gold Reserves to Bitcoin

Nayib Bukele - El Salvador's President discloses the downfall in value of 44,106 oz. of gold in its country's ...

  Dec 6, 2021
A Security-Focused DeFi Project, EverRise is Now Live on Three Blockchains, Staking Introduced

EverRise strives to deploy its dApp ecosystem to as many blockchains as possible to improve safety protocol ac ...

  Dec 4, 2021