Author : Jafrin Ahmed

Jafrin is a cryptocurrency journalist/researcher fascinated by the world of decentralization. She is hopeful towards blockchain’s innovation and its potential to reshape the world for good. Currently, she is bringing out the best of cryptosphere via covering the latest ins and outs of the blockchain space.

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Ex-RBI Governor Explains Indian Central Bank’s Concerns with Crypto

The former Governor of India’s Central Bank, Dr. D. Subbarao, has said in a recent interview with ETMarkets.co ...

  Sep 24, 2021
“Bitcoin is Kind of Like Kenny from South Park”: Morgan Stanley’s Dennis Lynch

Dennis Lynch, Morgan Stanley's head of Counterpoint Global has compared Bitcoin (BTC) to Kenny McCormick, one ...

  Sep 24, 2021
Wormhole Launches Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge

The Wormhole Network team has announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) bridge for transferring non-f ...

  Sep 24, 2021
Investors are Asking Large Institutions for Crypto Lending: Report

Portfolio manager for TWC Group Bryan Whalen has said that there have been increased inquiries by investors ov ...

  Sep 24, 2021
NewsCrypto Collaborates With Polygon to Launch Stellar-Polygon Bridge

All-in-one platform crypto education and development platform NewsCrypto has joined forces with Polygon (MATIC ...

  Sep 24, 2021
Charles Hoskinson Denies Confirmation on a Potential Amazon Partnership

Cardano CEO and founder Charles Hoskinson has denied confirming whether the blockchain network is partnering w ...

  Sep 23, 2021
Institutional Demand for Ether More Than Bitcoin, says JPMorgan

Leading multinational investment bank JPMorgan has claimed that institutional investors are preferring Ethereu ...

  Sep 23, 2021
U.S. Fed Will Publish Paper on CBDC Soon: Jerome Powell

The Central Bank of America will soon publish a paper on central bank digital currency (CBDC), Federal Reserve ...

  Sep 23, 2021
Bitcoin.org Site Appears Hacked to a Crypto Giveaway Scam

Bitcoin.org, one of the oldest Bitcoin informational websites that were registered by Satoshi Nakamoto and Mar ...

  Sep 23, 2021
DEX Aggregator 1inch Network Expands to Arbitrum Layer 2 Network

Popular decentralized crypto exchange aggregator (DEX) 1inch network has officially added support for Ethereum ...

  Sep 23, 2021