Author : Prabhjeet Bhatla

Prabhjeet Bhatla is a cryptocurrency writer covering startups and a researcher since 2020. She has authored many articles for Entrepreneur India and APAC (digital and print) on cryptocurrency and ever-evolving Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. She specializes in applied cryptography, privacy-enhanced information storage systems, anonymous cryptocurrencies, elliptic curve crypto-systems, and satellite television piracy.

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To Accumulate a Crypto Army, Wall Street is Offering Large Pay Raises

When bitcoin first appeared on the market more than a decade ago, Wall Street titans sneered. They're already ...

  Nov 26, 2021
Bitcoin Withdraws 20% From All-time High Set Earlier in November

Bitcoin has lost 20 percent of its value after hitting new highs earlier this month, as a new variant of the c ...

  Nov 26, 2021
This Crypto Influencer is Confident About CRO To Hit $1

"I'm going to remove this tweet if CRO doesn't touch $1 by the end of the year…..If Kasta app CoinMarketCap do ...

  Nov 25, 2021
Michael van de Poppe Pinned his Opinion On Bear Market

"Also, I don't like how #Bitcoin is merely staying flat while altcoins are being severely sold off in their $B ...

  Nov 25, 2021
Solana Transactions Needs Less Energy Than Two Google Searches

Two Google searches consume more energy than a Solana transaction. That’s big and absolutely true, recent twee ...

  Nov 25, 2021
Metaverse will be Decentralized

With so many different kinds of metaverse underway, how much of the Metaverse will be decentralized? Witek ...

  Nov 24, 2021
Bullish 2022 for VeChain: David Gokhshtein

The price of VeChain (VET) at the beginning of 2021 was $0.047 and pumped to $0.255 in mid-April and because o ...

  Nov 24, 2021
New Listing on Huobi

Huobi announced on November 24 that it will list QORPO (IOI) on the Pioneer Zone USDT Market. Deposits open at ...

  Nov 24, 2021
Next 3 Years, Shitting on BTC Will be Political Suicide: Willy Woo

Willy Woo is still bullish on BTC for the next three years. Influential analyst Willy Woo said that long-te ...

  Nov 24, 2021
Cardano’s de-listing is Effecting its Listing as eToro to De-list Cardano by 2022

Cardano (ADA) traded 6.6 percent lower at $1.68 over 24 hours late Tuesday night. The cryptocurrency has fa ...

  Nov 24, 2021