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Blockchain Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. Skilled in WordPress, Editing, SEO Copywriting, Copy Editing, and Blog Marketing. When I am not writing, analyzing bulls/bears - I will be listening to music, reading a thrilling novella or hiking. Email me at - And we could talk about anything - business or dragons.

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Cryptocurrency Criminals Should Remain in Jail Despite Covid-19

A federal prosecutor in New Jersey debated the release of two cryptocurrency scammers, following an attorney’s ...

  Mar 26, 2020
Youtube Scam Fakes XRP Airdrop After Impersonating Ripple CEO

Youtube’s strict actions against crypto-related videos apparently failed to spot a bogus scheme by scammers, i ...

  Mar 25, 2020
US Congress Eyes Digital Dollar to Provide Covid-19 Aid through the Stimulus Package

US Congress Democrats are looking forward to implementing the Digital Dollar so as to instrument payments to U ...

  Mar 24, 2020
Liberal Democratic Member Says Japan Should Implement Digital Yen

In the Wake of the Coronavirus attack, nations are considering adopting central backed digital stablecoins (CB ...

  Mar 20, 2020
Pantera Capital Backed Decentralized Exchange Shuts Down

A decentralized exchange Sparkswap backed by Pantera Capital announced it would shut down on March 17. The exc ...

  Mar 19, 2020
Scammers Swindle $2M from Panicking Public amidst Coronavirus Fears

Scammers that appeared to be selling pandemic essential for Coronavirus, stole at least $2 Million in crypto f ...

  Mar 18, 2020
Coinbase Unveils Batching Engine for BTC Transactions

Leading blockchain exchange Coinbase recently launched a feature that will allow users to save at least 50% on ...

  Mar 16, 2020
Former NFL Investor Fowler Pleads not Guilty to Crypto Charges

Former NFL Investor Reginald Fowler pleaded not guilty to fresh charges following a hearing at a court in the ...

  Mar 6, 2020
FCA Retracts Official Warning Against Kraken

Financial Conduct Authority( FCA), United Kingdom’s financial regulator retracted a warning it had issued agai ...

  Mar 5, 2020
Beijing Implementing Blockchain Invoicing to Increase Transparency

China’s capital is aiming at bringing transparency, immutability and traceability of governance through blockc ...

  Mar 4, 2020