Author : Chukwuemeka Raphael

Chukwuemeka Raphael is an author and cryptocurrency news writer/analyst. As a Mathematics graduate and trained analyst, he combines his Math knowledge and strong reading culture in contributing content and analysis for the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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Reasons Behind Anchor Protocol Heavy Downtrend

Anchor Protocol is a platform that provides crypto investors and fintech establishments with high returns on i

   a day ago
Possible Ways to Reverse the Present Cryptocurrency Market Trend

With the present dip in the Cryptocurrency market, there is a need for intervention before the total collapse

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Terra (LUNA) Declines by over 39000% in 24 Hours: What Next?

Terra native token LUNA has been displaced from its top ranking in the top 20 cryptocurrencies and is now in p

   2 days ago
Top Four Altcoins With the Least Volatility

The present cryptocurrency is highly volatile. The entire market capitalization is now around $1.18 trillion.

   3 days ago
Lessons to Learn from the Market Implosion of Stablecoin Terra USD

TerraUSD (UST) is the stablecoin of the Terra blockchain. It currently stands in the 14th position in the

   3 days ago
The Impact of Lawsuits on Cryptocurrencies Adoption

The impact of lawsuits on Cryptocurrency Adoption could be disastrous. Cryptocurrency has not been on earth fo

   3 days ago
Reasons Why Nigeria Central Bank Digital Currency (eNaira) will Succeed

In recent times, there had been a clamor in different sectors in cryptocurrencies for the need that countries

   3 days ago
After Dogecoin (DOGE) 1 year Anniversary of Attaining All-time High: What Next?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the most popular Meme token in the Cryptocurrency market. It is trading for $0.102 and stan

   3 days ago
Near Protocol is Bullish Against the Market Trend

Near Protocol (NEAR) is bullish against the present bearish market that has plummeted the price of top cryptoc

   5 days ago
XRP is the Least Volatile Altcoins Among the top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Ripple's native token XRP has been in the news for some years for the lawsuit it has been going through with t

   5 days ago