Author : Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas is an optimistic crypto news reporter who also enjoys tech writing. He is an introvert who spends much of his time on the internet studying facts that will help him excel in the digital/cryptocurrency space.

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Bank of China Blast on Crypto, Says Bitcoin is Not a Safe Haven

Over weeks now, some, if not all, the financial markets have been bleeding badly following the Coronavirus out ...

  Mar 23, 2020
Nigerian Losses Hundreds of Million as Cryptocurrency Scams Hit The Country

Nigeria is currently seeing a high increase in large scale cryptocurrency scams as the monetary authorities an ...

  Mar 13, 2020
Coinbase Launches Bitcoin Transaction Batching to Improve Network's Scalability

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase recently announced that it has launched Bitcoin transaction batching ...

  Mar 13, 2020
GC Magazine Editor-in-Chief to Oversee Bitcoin SV Communication Affairs

The global industry organization behind Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Association, announced on March 12 that it h ...

  Mar 13, 2020
LocalBitcoins Seller, Rhule Charged With Money Laundering by U.S. Homeland Security

A Washington man, Kenneth Warren Rhule, has been charged by the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in an e ...

  Mar 12, 2020
Human Rights Foundation Now Support Bitcoin Donations Through BTCPayServer

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit charity based in New York, recently announced that it is now a ...

  Mar 12, 2020
Australian Tax Office to Issue Warnings on Crypto Tax Report

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is set to issue warnings either by letter or email to about 350,000 indiv ...

  Mar 11, 2020
OKCoin Top Officers to Assume New Position Next Month

The leading fiat-focused digital asset exchange, OKCoin, conducted an in-house promotion for two of its office ...

  Mar 9, 2020
Cryptocurrency Market Loses Over 21 Billion as Oil Price Plunge

The digital currency markets have plunged correspondingly to plummet in oil prices, as well as the sell-off in ...

  Mar 9, 2020
Not Yet Over? RBI to Appeal For Its Quashed 2018 Circular

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) won't give up the fight against cryptocurrency in the country quickly. A repor ...

  Mar 6, 2020