Author : Sahaj Sharma

Sahaj is an aspiring journalist with a keen interest in cryptocurrency and the whole concept of Blockchain technology. He is positive about the future potential of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in shaping the world of finance for good. At present, he is covering the latest developments in the field of the cryptosphere.

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INX Partners GMO Trust to List Japanese Yen Stablecoin Against the US Dollar and BTC

INX Limited, a security token platform and an operator of a regulated crypto exchange, has recently announced ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Nirmala Sitharaman Says India May Not Follow El Salvador Soon, But a Futuristic Thing Can’t be Ignored

The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, recently released a statement that India may not be able to ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Mike Novogratz Suggests $2,800 Is an Important Level for Ethereum 

The Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, believes that $2,800 is the most important price level ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Kava Defi Platform Channels $185 million into Ecosystem Expansion

Kava, a decentralized finance platform, is channeling a huge amount of funding into the ecosystem expansion wi ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Genesis Digital Assets Raises $431 Million Led by Investment Firm Paradigm

The Bitcoin mining company Genesis Digital Assets has recently raised $431 million in a strategic funding roun ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $40K, Fear & Greed Index Shows Extreme Fear

In accordance with the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, the indicator is showing extreme fear conditions in the ...

  Sep 22, 2021
Robinhood Testing Crypto Wallet Feature to Allow Users to Withdraw Crypto for the First Time

Retail trading platform Robinhood is reportedly testing a long-awaited crypto wallet feature that will allow t ...

  Sep 21, 2021
Senator Elizabeth Warren Mistakes MakerDAO for a Failed 2016 Project, The DAO 

The office of Senator Elizabeth Warren has recently mistaken MakerDAO, the top 10 Defi protocol for an early f ...

  Sep 21, 2021
Soccer Game Sorare Raises $680 Million in SoftBank Led Funding Round 

As reported recently, Sorare, a fantasy soccer game based on Blockchain has managed to raise $680 million in a ...

  Sep 21, 2021
Franklin Templeton Raises $10 Million to Invest in Blockchain Venture Fund

Franklin Templeton asset manager has recently raised $10 million for a pool of cash that, as revealed, will be ...

  Sep 16, 2021