Author : Sujit Kumar

Sujit received his Bachelors in Science from the LNMU Darbhanga. He is currently working as a Freelance Digital Marketing specialist. He has more than three years of professional experience in information systems, security policies, technologies, and Cryptocurrency. He has published 6 books in the area of information security and assurance. He has published more than 50 research articles in leading journals Regarding the Latest and Breaking Crypto News and updates. His research interests include access control, computer forensics, Digital Marketing, Web development, business hacks, player experience, and virtual storytelling.

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New Credit Card By Ledger in a Partnership with FTX, Coinbase, and Rarible

Recently, one of the largest hardware wallet makers in the industry, Ledger, made a special announcement. The ...

  Dec 18, 2021
Acquire Your Dream of Financial Stability With Dream1 Token

We all have witnessed a tough time and unprecedented challenges during the global COVID-19 pandemic. It has br ...

  Dec 17, 2021
Join Santa's Exciting Adventure

Ho-Ho-Ho! The funniest time of the year has come! As winter approaches, we are all in a sweet Christmas's ru ...

  Dec 16, 2021
EWO Place: Empowering You To Live Without Paying Rent

Given the technology's disruption of financial services and subsequent widespread application across industrie ...

  Dec 14, 2021
Liberty Gaming Guild is Becoming The Gateway for Gamers and NFT

The global online gaming community is seeing a steady increase in participants of all ages and from all corner ...

  Dec 9, 2021
TabTrader is Redefining the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

TabTrader is a highly innovative and intelligent project built to function as a trading terminal for crypto ex ...

  Dec 1, 2021
Meet Appics The Telos Based Decentralized Social Media Network

In the last decade, the creation of social media platforms such as Facebook in 2004, Twitter, Instagram, and, ...

  Nov 29, 2021
QED Oracle Blockchain Has The Hands Down Solution For Oracle Dilemma

In both the traditional person-centered economy and the burgeoning machine-to-machine economy, smart contracts ...

  Nov 15, 2021
Candao Introduces the First-ever Decentralized Social Network DAO

In a recently made announcement, it has been revealed that the comprehensive over-layer solution committed to ...

  Nov 12, 2021
SkyLaunch is The Ultimate LaunchPad for IDOs

Initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs), and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are all ...

  Nov 11, 2021