Author : Yash Chaudhary

Yash completed his graduation in b.tech (Computer Science ). Yash is passionate about applications of blockchain technology. Yash believes use of blockchain technology can transform our lives at a large scale. Yash daily reads articles, research reports and also documentation of different protocols. Yash listen to podcasts to know the view of industry experts.

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Robinhood will Expand its Crypto Wallets Beta Program

Christine Brown, COO of Robinhood announced on Twitter that starting today Robinhood has rolled out its beta p ...

  Jan 21, 2022
SEC Rejects Bitcoin ETF

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has denied the application of SkyBridge Capital to list and trade sp ...

  Jan 21, 2022
Decentraland Project Review : Virtual World Owned by Community

Nowadays, people are spending more time in the virtual world in comparison to the real world. People are using ...

  Jan 19, 2022
Arweave Protocol Review : Permanent Data Storage with Low Fees

All of us think that the information uploaded on the internet always remains there. However, this is not the c ...

  Jan 14, 2022
Zcash Protocol Review: Providing Financial Privacy to Public

People use bitcoin by sharing their payment address that looks like this : mp525tN8b3v4aos32hQT8E6cepdhZVyq ...

  Jan 13, 2022
Aave Protocol Review : Market Leader in DeFi Innovation

Traditional financial systems might get transformed to DeFi due to its ability to provide various financial se ...

  Jan 7, 2022
Top Play-to-Earn Gaming Projects to Watch in 2022

The Play-to-Earn gaming model is a new introduction to gaming powered by blockchain technologies. According to ...

  Jan 6, 2022
When NFT Meets DeFi: Doors of Monetization Open for NFT Owners

Decentralized finance and NFT were hot topics in the market. Everyone in the crypto world realized the benefit ...

  Jan 1, 2022
Top Metaverse Projects to Watch in 2022

Metaverse was the buzzword in the crypto market this year and as a result metaverse projects' prices surged in ...

  Jan 1, 2022
How Defi in Metaverse can enable massive value creation

Metaverse is the buzzword in the market right now but what if someone told you there are more opportunities th ...

  Dec 29, 2021