Best ICO To Invest In 2020 | How To Participate And Invest In ICO?

Tarulika  |  Apr 21, 2020

As blockchain-based cryptocurrency is gaining the popularity among the investors of traditional markets and also among the younger community looking for the alternatives to invest their funds, various options are coming into picture for both short and long term investments. Not only the investors, but technically skilled developers having an interest in coding various projects are enthusiastically seeking the blockchain-based opportunities for their startups. In the crypto market place, multiple fundraising tools are available for startups who are seeking the money to launch their projects and also for investors wishing to invest their funds in some new developments and projects. In this article, we are going to brief about one of the popular fundraising tools, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and also review the best ICO to invest in 2020.

Quick Review Of Initial Coin Offering(ICO) |Best ICO To Invest In 2020 

Initial Coin Offering or Initial Currency Offering(ICO) is a crowd fundraising tool in the crypto marketplace. Majorly startup issues an ICO to raise the funds in terms of cryptocurrencies (mostly BTC and ETH) from investors in exchange for the coins associated with their project. Issuers of the tokens publish the document called whitepaper mentioning the details of the project, purpose of raising funds, vision and mission of project with details portraying the credibility of a project prior to launch. Also, to win the confidence of investors, they design the website mentioning about the founder members, and other information relevant to the project. Investors might invest in the project(even for the short term) if they have a sufficient number of coins in their wallets and most importantly if they consider the project is promising. (Beware of fake ICOs!!) No complex procedure is involved for both issuers and investors.

ICO Platforms For Better Analysis

It might be a tedious job to find out the reliability and credibility of the particular project on the basis of whitepaper and website. But to help you in making decisions judiciously related to which ICO to invest in, several ICO investment platforms are present in crypto space. Presently, the best platforms available are:

  1. Coin Gecko: Facilitates with ranking chart based on analytical tools.
  2. ICO Drops: Provides listing based on reviews of upcoming, present and ended ICOs.
  3. ICO Bench: User-friendly site mentioning rating and reviews of ICOs.
  4. Coin Factory: Can help in purchasing ICOs with multiple 12+ currency options.
  5. ICOHunter: Provides detailed information of ICO project.
  6. With the help of these platforms, you can analyze the various projects and weigh them according to the funds you wish to invest. These investment platforms with the latest analytical tools and new techniques of technical analysis can help you in making more sound choices while selecting an ICO for your investment purposes.

    How To Buy ICO Tokens?


    How to buy ICO tokens


    To buy ICO tokens is as simple as you sell or buy crypto coins on the exchange platform. If after reviewing whitepaper, reading about founder members and going thoroughly with the website of start-up, you are convinced to buy the coins of the particular project then firstly you have to register for an ICO on the website of the company. Now, you have to move the amount or number of the coins (BTC or Ether) you wish to invest (obviously above the minimum limit of the investment of the project) to the wallet that you uses for your trading (from the hot or cold wallet you used to store the private keys!). Then simply buy the ICO tokens from their website by mentioning your wallet address in the required field so that they can send the relevant number of coins to your wallet. (Be Cautious! Before sending your coins. Read the guidelines carefully). Make sure to transfer the digital codes of the received coins through ICO in your wallet. You might trade these coins once they got listed on the exchange as and when you wanted to sell them.

    Best ICO To Invest In 2020


    Best ICO to invest in 2020


    As the blockchain technology is expanding beyond cryptocurrency markets, various industries and startups are seeking to launch new projects based on blockchain. In the present scenario, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is delivering the most promising results in terms of raising the funds for new projects and diversifying the utility of technology. ICOs are considered as one of the faster and easier approaches to invest and also to raise funds. But the major question is which ICOs are among the list of top ICO 2020. From different surveys and analysis, we try to present you the list of best ICO to invest in 2020:

    1. Bullion Exchange(eBLX): ICO of EBLX mentions about providing a seamless trading experience. It also includes that traders can have to wait less while transactions, fill multiple orders and a major feature is that they can cancel their order without losing money or without any transaction money.
    2. CryptoMiningCoin(CMC)- Multipurpose crypto mining solution platform of CMC promises to be a one-stop solution for mining, trading and lending operations. With the accessibility of a variety of coins, CMC aims to provide higher returns.
    3. Mickle(MICK)- Deploying the standards of ERC 20, MICK will be serving as a medium of exchange for products and services in its Decentralised Applications(DApps) like MICKLE Marketplace, Ridesharing and many more.
    4. Nifex Exchange: Nifex can prove as one of the most popular ICO of 2020 as it mentions to be one of the super-fast trading engine with special feature of one-click live chat.
    5. Many more ICOs are available in the market and you can easily review and compare them on the investment platforms mentioned in the blog.

      Final Thoughts

      Initial Coin Offering seems to be an inexpensive and lesser complex method to explore and support the new ventures and accelerating the digital financial revolution. For both investors and fundraisers, the approach of ICO involves no regulation compliance, so it can prove a bit risky too for investment. You must read the guidelines and disclaimers carefully before choosing an ICO for the purpose of investment. The list of Best ICO to invest in 2020 aims to mention some of the trending ICOs which have the potential to turn your investments into profits.


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