Best OTC Cryptocurrency Broker Of 2020 | Overview of OTC Markets

Tarulika  |  Apr 25, 2020

Crypto markets are expanding all across the globe, among big and small investors who are seeking for the best of was to double up their funds. Crypto community is responsible for ever-increasing trading volumes on the crypto exchanges, every minute, if someone is buying then the other one is selling the cryptocurrency. But what if someone has to buy bitcoins in bulk? High transaction fees and limited supply are the two major factors that won’t allow the trade to buy bitcoin in large quantities from traditional exchanges. So, what is the solution? Bitcoin Over The Counter (OTC) brokers can help you in placing the bulk orders. In this article, you get to know about the OTC brokers and, how to buy bitcoin in bulk. It also helps you to find the best OTC cryptocurrency broker.

OTC Brokers: Brief Introduction| Best OTC Cryptocurrency Brokers


OTC brokers - an overview


Basically, OTC cryptocurrency brokers are service providers (firms or agents) to the community who wants to sell or buy a massive quantity of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. When a substantial amount of funds are involved, it is better to consult the experienced person or broker (generally former traders, hedge funders, payment system handlers, or miners) who can trade or invest on behalf of you.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Bulk?


When you have already made a decision to buy bitcoin in bulk, you can choose from two of the options. Either you can directly consult a standard OTC cryptocurrency brokers/OTC trading company or automated trading platform. OTC brokers refer to companies or individuals willing to sell you Bitcoins directly as opposed to an automated trading platform.

Best OTC Cryptocurrency Brokers In 2020


Best OTC crypto brokers


We have a number of OTC cryptocurrency brokers available in the crypto marketplace, but to choose the best one is difficult. Nowadays, some of the reputed crypto exchanges are also providing the platforms to buy bulk of cryptocurrency. But again a question bangs in your hand, Where To Buy Large Quantities Of Bitcoin?  You must look carefully about the following factors while choosing your OTC cryptocurrency broker:


  • Availability of liquidity.
  • Purchasing or selling limits.
  • Mode and currency used for payment.
  • Terms and conditions of the broker.
  • Guidelines related to anonymity and privacy of your funds.
  • So, while keeping the mentioned points in mind, we try to list out best OTC cryptocurrency brokers:


    Top Crypto OTC Desks:

    The list of some of the popular and widely accepted crypto OTC desks is given below:


    • CircleTrade: One of the leaders in crypto space, CircleTrade is a regulated OTC cryptocurrency broker providing the over the counter trading of digital coins along with a variety of services like business advisory, research solutions, and many more. The minimum limit of investment is $100k to accept the buy and sell orders.
    • ItBit: Famous for maintaining a high level of privacy, ItBit provides a wide variety of instruments to invest their Bitcoins. It charges transaction fees of 0.1 percent to each transaction taking place at its platform. It is one of the licensed exchanges providing the reliability in their services to a customer base of more than a hundred countries.
    • Jump Trading: One of the striking features of Jump Trading is that it provides a dashboard for interaction of customers, investors and traders. Also, it is known to be one of the secured platforms as it does not involve a third party in any of the services involved not even in messaging services.
    • Cumberland Mining: Like its counterparts, Cumberland Mining provides high liquidity to its customers, specifically to the investors and companies trading with a large amount of funds. With lower transaction fees, this firm provides a highly efficient advisory body that helps you in taking better decisions for your investments.
    • OTC desks are known to provide a high level of liquidity as a large amount of demand and supply is involved on the platform with a minimal level of regulations.

      Best OTC Crypto Exchanges


      Top crypto exchanges as OTC brokers


      • Coinbase: One of the reputed crypto exchanges, Coinbase provides two options to traders for purchasing the bulk of bitcoins. First, it allows for buying $25,000 worth of BTC per day with 1% of transaction fees and second is direct trading with users of Coinbase exchange.
      • Kraken: Popular amongst European trades, Kraken also provides the brokerage services and gives an opportunity for investors to purchase a huge quantity of cryptocurrencies with a dedicated advisory team.
      • Bitfinex: One of established crypto exchange Bitfinex, provides instant two-way liquidity to a high amount of suppliers and buyers. Also, it has a specialized platform for ERC 20 token trading.
      • Changelly: One of a decentralized platform, popular among the traders for facilitating atomic swaps has recently launched its OTC platforms for buyers wish to invest large amounts of funds in Bitcoins. With a minimum order of 10 BTC, Changelly charges minimal transaction fees and maintains a high level of security and privacy.
      • Though well-established exchanges aim to provides the best of the OTC services and ensures a high level of liquidity, but highly stiff regulatory environment discourages the buyers to utilise their platforms of OTC cryptocurrency brokers to purchase coins in bulk. Also, the belief that whales of crypto space and exchanges are involved in manipulating the crypto marketplace makes the investors skeptical while trading.

        Summing Up

        Crypto OTC market is known for providing the high liquidity to both buyers and sellers. Some of the known faces of the crypto space even considers that the OTC market is relatively larger than the traditional crypto marketplace. As the exchanges are not involved in manipulating the price of BTC in OTC markets, institutional investors are moving towards the services of OTC brokers and trading in OTC markets. With a number of bitcoin trading platform available in OTC markets, crypto enthusiasts are taking advantage of the newly set up OTC marketplace.

        Bitcoin is still in a nascent stage and you might think twice before investing a huge amount of money in cryptocurrency but there are the investors, who take risks and wish to gain from the crypto markets. And if you are one of those investors, who wants to buy the bulk of Bitcoins and then you can choose from the best OTC cryptocurrency brokers mentioned above.


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