Hedge Fund Manager Alan Howard Invests in Two Crypto Startups
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Hedge Fund Manager Alan Howard Invests in Two Crypto Startups

June 12, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Alan Howard, the billionaire hedge fund manager and a long-term advocate of the crypto industry has recently invested in two startups that are based on digital assets. With this fresh investment in the crypto space, Alan Howard has extended his support to the crypto industry.

Alan Howard Invests in Two Crypto-Based Startups

Brevan Howard, a major asset manager which is led by Alan Howard has recently led a $25 million extension raise for Copper. co, the crypto services firm based in London. 

In an announcement made on Friday, the company revealed that the recent investment follows a $50 million Series B funding round which was led by firms like Target Global and Dawn Capital.

As per the additional funding round, it is going to be targeted to further reinforce the expertise of Copper in authorizing orthodox financial companies to take advantage of the rising blockchain technology and crypto-assets.

In addition to this, the firm laid an emphasis on the additional funding that shows the rising interest in crypto from the orthodox financial sector.

Moreover, in an announcement made on Thursday, the Copper investment is followed by another fundraiser worth $12 million for Asian crypto investment platform Kikitrade backed by Howard.

Howard’s Contribution in the Digital Space

Apart from this, it should be noted that Howard has earlier invested in major cryptocurrency companies such as CoinShares, a European digital asset manager.

Along with this, he has invested in Block.one and Elwood, which are the development company and a crypto trading platform respectively.

However, his contribution to the digital space does not stop here as in addition to these investments, he owns a 25% stake with a hedge fund based in the United States that bought Bitcoin and Ethereum worth $600 million, One River Digital Asset Management.

Howard also led a $25 million funding round for Komainu in partnership with Ledger and CoinShares.

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