Mike Novogratz Asks Which Crypto Will Emerge as Winner in Payments
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Mike Novogratz Asks Which Crypto Will Emerge as Winner in Payments

January 2, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz takes on Twitter to ask the crypto community, which coin according to them will be a winner in the payments race. He even listed four of his preferred choice of cryptocurrencies and their views regarding the same. The listed coins include Facebook’s Diem, Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Circle’s USDC stablecoin.  Novogratz believes there are already popular contenders in the crypto market. His choice of listed coins is perhaps based on their recent rising popularity.

Mike Novogratz Asks Which Crypto Will Be Winner in Payments

Within minutes of Novogratz posting, his tweet received hundreds of replies. Most of the crypto members even advocated their favorite coins besides Novogratz’s listed ones.

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However, some of the replies did publicize the billionaire’s listed cryptocurrencies. For instance, a vast number of users believed that Facebook’s Diem can definitely be a winner due to the social network’s huge userbase and increased popularity. They, however, also viewed that the Diem would be closely watched by regulators.

There were also shout-outs from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community that pointed to its many benefits. One of the key reasons for this might be due to the fact that BCH projects are heavily funded. BCH  even has greater utility and use cases in the real world compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Community Bullish On their Preferred Choice of Coins

Some even pondered that both USDC and Tether can have a significant consumer base due to their good reputation in the crypto market and no tarnished image associated with the cryptocurrency. A crypto member also added that for any payment method to be successful, its value has to be less volatile. In this argument, USDC and Tether can clearly emerge out as the winner.

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The community even added their own preferred choice that includes LINK, AVAX, NANO, also the Lightning Network as a payment rail within BTC.

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