Binance Announces XTZ Listing With Two Trading Pairs

Tarulika  |  Mar 16, 2020

Binance, the global cryptocurrency exchange platform is going to list XTZ token of Tezos blockchain on 16th March 2020, hence diversifying its services.

XTZ As Latest Addition Of Binance

According to the exchange's latest blog post, the trading pairs of XTZ/USD and XTZ/BUSD  will be in play from Monday at 9.00 am EST. Only the deposition of USD, BUSD or XTZ will be allowed before the addition of pairs. From today the withdrawals are also permitted for the users of Binance. XTZ has a current value of $1.47.

Recently, Binance has added USDC for the deposits on the US branch, Binance.US. The addition allowed the users to initiate trading or holding of BUSD, which is accepted as the means of the transaction all across the world. Recently it added 15 additional fiat options for purchases with Visa and Mastercard. The exchange developed its portfolio after adding support to Russian Ruble on its Peer to Peer platform.

Tezos Token As One Of The Popular Altcoin

Arthur and Kathleen Breitman founded Tezos blockchain in 2014. The three-layered platform, which comprises the protocol of proof of stake rather proof of work, are two of the main features of the Tezos. The interest in the blockchain project of Tezos has been significant in recent times as it outperformed amongst other altcoins. The support of a comprehensive community and the exchanges like Binance can help the Tezos to diversify the trading of their XTZ tokens across the world.

Binance has been focusing on catering to the needs of crypto enthusiasts around the globe and has added several fiat trading pairs on its platform to make it easier for them to access the ever-growing crypto space. While there have been controversies along the line, but Binance hasn't halted or moved back from its goal of world dominations.

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