Binance Launches Cloud Solution To Aid Digital Asset Trading Platforms
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Binance Launches Cloud Solution To Aid Digital Asset Trading Platforms

February 18, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Binance, Malta-based cryptocurrency trading platform has launched Binance Cloud. The Cloud will aim to guide their clients and partners to launch its digital asset trading platform. Binance Cloud will provide B2B2C infrastructure solution where potential businesses can take advantage of the technology, security solutions and liquidity of crypto behemoth Binance.

Binance Cloud As The Solution For New Exchanges

Binance Cloud will allow the set up of new exchanges by mimicking the core functions of the leading global exchange which ranges from the robust matching engine, risk control system and big data security protocols to the liquidity of the exchange. The cloud solution will be helping the new exchanges to provide features like spot market and futures trading, integrations with local bank APIs and fiat to cryptocurrency exchange services.

As the cloud solution upgrades in future, it would allow a range of institutions to start a platform with global payment and cryptocurrency trading capabilities.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, explains that Binance’s open platform initiative will increase the global accessibility of crypto assets. The complete package aims to consolidate the new financial infrastructure with an open platform (which works on blockchain technology). As an infrastructure provider, Binance aims to limit the technology challenges for newly set up businesses and accelerate the global adoption of digital assets.

A Step Forward For Expansion Of Crypto Space

Hundreds of new exchanges are popping up in the crypto space but the status of “compliance” is one of the major bone of contention which hampers their growth. The newly set up exchanges will attract new investment due to the associated status of Binance.

The Malta-based Exchange aims to favour fiat exchanges on their cloud clients for establishing a strong foothold in particular regions or communities. The cloud solution ultimately results in opening the flood gates for potential businesses and traders in the digital financial ecosystem. Thus, accelerating the global crypto movement.

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