Binance launches XRP / USDT futures on its trading platform
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Binance launches XRP / USDT futures on its trading platform

January 7, 2020      Olowo

Binance, the largest exchange house in the world, announced that it launched XRP / USDT futures contracts, with a leverage of up to 75 times on its trading platform.

Ripple (XRP) is the fourth asset included in the futures contract trading platform, Binance Futures. This inclusion is particularly good for the platform, as it promotes its mission of providing greater variety to its customers. In addition, now that it has added XRP, Binance Futures strengthens his position as the favorite platform around the world.

But it is clear that the company does not comply with that. Over the years they have shown that they have a great interest in innovation. Especially if it helps provide a better experience for its users.

Currently, Binance Futures merchants can exchange BTC contracts with a leverage of up to 125x , the highest among the main encryption exchanges. On the other hand, they can exchange ETH and BCH contracts with a leverage of up to 75x on the platform. The latter is the same in which they have XRP contracts.

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Binance remains one of the leading Crypto exchanges

It is no secret to anyone that Binance is one of the leading companies in the crypto industry. And not only for its exchange service, but also for the one it offers related to futures trading.

In fact, the Binance Futures team ensures that it works tirelessly to offer the best services to its users. These include a risk engine, a smart settlement model and insurance funds.

Added to this, last Friday the platform launched the isolated margin mode . This allows users to control the precise amount of capital they are willing to risk. That way, possible losses can be mitigated. In summary, the isolated margin mode allows operators to have greater control of leverage and settlement prices.

On the improvements in Binance Futures, its director, Aaron Gong, explained that:

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“From the beginning, we have been looking for ways to build a futures trading platform that allows traders to exchange their favorite assets according to their trading strategies. We are sure that Binance Futures will eventually become a platform for price discovery, cryptocurrency adoption and value creation. ”

He also pointed out that many of the improvements made to the platform were thanks to user comments. Specifically, he stated that: We value user feedback and have responded to your requests by introducing innovative features and selecting the most valuable digital assets in the community.

In part, that is one of the reasons XRP was added to futures trading. However, from Binance they know they still have work to do and elements to improve. Therefore, and following Gong’s comments, they will keep listening to their clients’ requests to seek to offer them the best possible experience.

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