Bison Trails Launches QT Protocol For Developers Building On the Libra
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Bison Trails Launches QT Protocol For Developers Building On the Libra

November 25, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Bison Trails, one of the founding members of Facebook’s Libra Association, has launched the QT protocol or the Query and Transactions Clusters to help developers build on Facebook’s Libra. The latest Libra QT will now act as a bridge between the Libra’s pre-mainnet and off-chain systems. This will enable a dedicated off-chain infrastructure to read and write data to the blockchain.

Bison Trails Launches QT Protocol

Bison Trails is a premier blockchain infrastructure provider. On Nov. 25, 2020, the blockchain company officially announced that developers can build on the Libra network through off-chain systems.

Developers can now use the Libra QT to build crypto services such as wallets, exchanges, and other virtual assets on its pre-mainnet. It will also enable to process payments, validate on transactions, market-making while authoring smart contracts.

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In the announcement, Bison Trails’ co-founder and CTO Aaron Henshaw stated:

“Libra QT is a core part of our product offering for the Libra ecosystem. It allows people building on top of Libra to securely and easily integrate their exchanges and wallets, and build new and exciting applications.”

Libra Appears To Concern Regulators

Crypto skeptic David Gerad, who has written a book on the Libra, stated in a recent interview that the Libra appears to be a global threat to regulators. He also stated that global stablecoins such as the Libra can come as a serious challenge to the overall sovereignty of monetary policy saying :

“It’s like dollarization, which is the word for when a country’s economy is totally overtaken by US dollars. Libra-ization could happen the same way that would be quite bad because while the US dollar is maintained by the Federal Reserve for US interests, there is some sort of public service aspect to dollarization.”

The Libra association currently boasts 30 members in 2020. It had recently added Blockchain Capital, a DLT VC firm, including e-commerce firms Shopify and

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Jafrin Ahmed
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