Bitcoin Bull Bids For NFL Players Association President
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Bitcoin Bull Bids For NFL Players Association President

January 30, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Russell Okung, the offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Charger and a big-time Bitcoin proponent, who bid to be the NFL Players Association President, was hoping that someday he would take on the NFL establishment. He stated that if he becomes the President of the Association then he would arrange more engagement programs between the organization and the owners.

A few days ago, Okung told the New York Times that he was injured during the off-season and after all the diagnosis when he came back, his team proceeded him to a non-injury list. He further said that later, he realized that he was being punished by his own team for the injury, at that moment he decided to bid for the President of NFLPA.

According to a report, Okung also wanted to introduce Bitcoin for money, salaries and contracts in the NFL. The reports further stated that for very long, Okung, himself has been a most outspoken supporter of the Bitcoin. In the year 2019, he tweeted that he wants his salary in Bitcoin. 

Okung Launches Bitcoin Meetup For Beginners

The report also mentioned that the lobbied owners of the NFL and its officials would not give any access to Bitcoin for any kind of payment. Therefore, in August 2019, Okung decided to organize a Bitcoin Meetup in LA, for all those beginners who wanted to or planning to use it. Okung stated that there were many people who had misconceptions regarding cryptocurrency and he wanted to clear it, therefore, he organized that Bitcoin Meetup. Matt Barkley, who was the quarterback of the NFL supported Okung for the Meetup. 

Whether NFL Players And Officials Will Support Okung?

At present, there were chances that NFL owners would not support Okung for his bid, but he has the full support of the whole cryptocurrency community. However, to secure his bid, Okung would need the support of his player and the NFL officials.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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