Bitcoin Burglars Try To Flee After Mayfair Store Theft
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Bitcoin Burglars Try To Flee After Mayfair Store Theft

January 26, 2020      Shailesh Panwar

In a pre-dawn hours bold raid, two bitcoin burglars successfully entered a liquor store located in Philadelphia’s 15 precincts and robbed a Bitbox Bitcoin ATM. The burglars were successful in plundering the cash box within the machine, which horrified the store employees.

Bitcoin Burglars Bravely Robbed The Bitbox ATM Box

This is another crime related to Bitcoin in the city. This time two attackers reached a convenience store around 5:50 am on the 7200 blocks of Frankford ave, in 15th precinct of Philadelphia. One of the Bitcoin burglars, who could be the car driver itself entered the store and brought a soft drink to ensure the coast was open for the heist. The individual was very bold, as he even didn’t try to hide his identity or face behind an ordinary hoodie.

After some time, either the same person or the two of his helpers could be seen in disguise from the store’s surveillance cameras. They exited the location through the getaway car, which they parked out of CCTV cameras view. Both of them continued to enter the store with donning crowbars and wore ski masks. They opened the ATM machine in front of the terrified employees of the establishment. The employees were unable to do anything, and could only shout at the burglar, as they were behind protective glass.  

Within a few minutes, bitcoin burglars successfully pulled out the machine, although, it was locked service compartment and stole the money box inside. The burglars quietly walked off to their parked getaway car to flee with their illegally-acquired proceeds.

The City Not a New Victim of Crimes

In 2017, an individual living in Pennsylvania was accused of running unauthorized money transferring company and was convicted a one year in prison for trading money worth $1.5 mln in Bitcoin to Department of Homeland security’s secret agents. Also, he was charged to return the USD 40,000 he earned from the unregulated sales commission, as his plea agreement restitution.

In another case, Scott Brady, a US Attorney from Western Philadelphia took the role in the federal lawsuit upon the DeepDotWeb officials, a website which provided reviews and news about the unlawful marketplaces of Darkweb in exchange of money which were cleaned through shell companies. The persons accused were Brazilian nationals who earned commissions by selling new business to the illicit marketplaces which forged documents, sold drugs, malware and stolen identity documents on the internet.


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