Bitcoin Halving Search Interest Reaches 4X the level of 2016

Vandana  |  May 5, 2020

Bitcoin Halving has to be the most important event for the whole crypto community that is dealing in Bitcoin. It is one of the major events which determines the price and trend of Bitcoin for a longer period. This month’s halving is approaching in a couple of days and people seem to be more excited than ever before for this one. This could be said as Bitcoin Halving search interest has reached the four times of the level of Bitcoin Halving search back in 2016 as recorded by the Google trends. Over the past few weeks, it could be seen that halving searches are increasing rapidly on Google across the world. Even people out of the crypto community are searching for Bitcoin halving.

@runtheirstops pointed towards an increase in Bitcoin Halving search interest

@runtheirstops, a twitter handle has pointed out towards the google trends which showed a rapid increase in Bitcoin Halving search interest. To a surprise, it has been seen that Bitcoin spot price has reached an all-time high as compared to the previous years.

A lot of people are also looking back to the previous halvings in which the price of Bitcoin has seen a huge increase. It has been predicted that this time also it is going to follow the previous trend only.

The on-chain activity also spiking

As it has been noticed that Google trends are increasing rapidly related to Bitcoin halving search. But this is not the only one as the on-chain activity is also rising rapidly. Due to this increased on-chain activity, which has also increased the transaction fees. Through this increased on-chain activity along with the google trend, it is quite clear that there is going to be a massive gain in the price of Bitcoin post halving. However, this is only a prediction and it is yet to be seen how much upsurge there will be in the price of Bitcoin once the halving is done.

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