Author : Vandana Malik

Vandana has received Master of Arts degree in English from GEU Dehradun. She is currently working as a content writer with Agio Support Solutions and earlier worked as a sub-news editor at Business News and Information Services Private Limited. She is an enthusiastic content writer and aims to bring a compelling yet informative content to the audience. Meanwhile, enhancing her own knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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Ross Stevens Sees “Wall of Money” Coming Into Bitcoin

Ross Stevens, the founder of the Stone Ridge Asset Management and the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG ...

  Feb 8, 2021
Ethereum Blockchain Reaches 1B Transactions as ETH Rising to New All-Time Highs

Ethereum blockchain has hit a milestone as it has reached 1 billion transactions. This has been revealed as pe ...

  Feb 6, 2021
Bitfinex Claims Repayment of $550M Loan to Tether

Bitfinex, a crypto exchange, has claimed that they have repaid the remaining balance of a $550 million loan to ...

  Feb 6, 2021
Nigeria Central Bank Orders to Close Crypto Holders Bank Accounts

For the past few months, it has been seen that Nigeria has emerged as a Bitcoin nation and it is having a very ...

  Feb 6, 2021
Ethereum Futures Open Interest Hits Record $6.5B as ETH Surge

Ethereum Futures open interest has hit a record of $6.5 billion recently. The reason behind hitting this recor ...

  Feb 6, 2021
BitBoss Announces Completion of its Integration With DotWallet

BitBoss, an iGaming technology developer based in Denver, has recently announced the completion of its integra ...

  Feb 5, 2021
Cyworld to Relaunch Business Under a Consortium and Ethereum-Based Token Dotori

Cyworld, which is a social media giant in South Korea, is now relaunching its business under new ownership. Th ...

  Feb 5, 2021
FSCA Issues Warning Against Growing Crypto Scams in South Africa

Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), a South African financial markets regulator, has recently issued a ...

  Feb 5, 2021
Spanish Treasury Publishes Guidelines to Reduce Crypto Tax Evasion

Spanish Treasury has recently published a set of guidelines that are meant for reducing crypto tax evasion. Th ...

  Feb 5, 2021
Yearn Finance Reports Exploitation of V1 yDAI Vault

Yearn Finance, a popular DeFi protocol, has recently reported that its V1 yDAI has been exploited by a hacker. ...

  Feb 5, 2021