Bitcoin IRA Exceeds $400 Million Transaction Since 2016
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Bitcoin IRA Exceeds $400 Million Transaction Since 2016

January 29, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Bitcoin IRA A US-based technology firm that offers individual retirement accounts compatible with digital currencies has made significant progress since its launch. The firm launched its 24/7 self-trading crypto services for the client to start their new IRA account or convert their existing retirement account back in 2016. Since its launch, the IRA, which is based in Los Angeles, has processed more than $400 million in investments. 

While commenting on its investment, the Bitcoin IRA CAA Chris Kline has said,

“Reaching this new high is a testament to our top-notch security features, superior customer experience, competitive pricing, innovative product offering, seamless online IRA transfer process and proprietary real-time 24/7 self-trading platform. We are proud to be the market leader and by offering these one-of-a-kind features we continue to raise the bar in the industry. We are announcing substantial product launches in 2020 that should accelerate our company’s growth and further enhance our client’s ability to self-manage and grow their retirement portfolios.” 

According to reports, 2019 has been quite successful for the asset management firm as it launched an interest-earning beta program. The Bitcoin IRA platform allows its customers to store their IRA at BitGo Trust safely and track their transactions in real-time within that platform. The privately funded company was not a financial adviser or exchange or custodian, but a technology company that provided financial services.

IRA’s Conflict With Kingdom Trust

In the year 2018, Bitcoin IRA collaborated with BitGo Trus after a fallout with its former custodian Kingdom Trust. According to reports, their battle continues to date and regarding it, the Kingdom Trust has asked the judge of a federal court to call for a Sanction against Bitcoin IRA.

Bitcoin IRA’s Achievement

According to reports, since the year 2016, Bitcoin IRA has gained more than 4000 clients that have invested in the company and over 600 clients belonging to a 5-star category have shared their review. The company also featured in many of the popular media publications for its achievement. 

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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