Bitcoin Latinum Announces Pre-Sale Launch Under the LTNM Symbol
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Bitcoin Latinum Announces Pre-Sale Launch Under the LTNM Symbol

November 25, 2020      Vandana Malik

Bitcoin Latinum, which is a next-generation Bitcoin fork, has recently announced its official pre-sale launch. According to the official announcement, it is revealed that it will be trading under the LTNM symbol. There will be a total supply of 888,888,888 LTMN, and all of them are available for pre-sale on its official website,

Initially, Bitcoin Latinum will be available on its official website only and not on any exchanges. It will be launched in 2021 for different exchanges until then, people can grab their LTNM from its website only.

Bitcoin Latinum Hoping to Reduce Cost of BTC Transactions 

Bitcoin Latinum is the kind of Bitcoin fork that is highly capable of huge transaction volume along with cybersecurity and capacity. It is completely focused on reducing the cost of Bitcoin transactions by breaking the barriers and speed limits that hinder the real-time use of virtual currencies. 

Marsh & McLennan has also been appointed especially for arranging an insurance program for Bitcoin Latinum. With the help of this insurance program, it becomes the largest insured digital asset across the world. The announcement has also revealed that the tokens here are a part of a really wide blockchain ecosystem that has been adopted by companies from different sectors. 

Adding Securities Around Inflight Transactions 

Security will be added around the inflight transactions using Bitcoin Latinum and along with this, it will also enhance the mining mode protection. For its banking sector, it has selected Hex Trust, based in Hong Kong, which is a leading digital asset custody platform in the country. It will become the digital asset custodian of the new token, LTNM. Monsoon Blockchain, one of the prominent blockchain firms in Asia will be adapting Bitcoin Latinum to its ecosystem. It is believed that along with the adoption of blockchain technology, there will be the adoption of this next-generation Bitcoin fork as well.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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