Best Tools for Blockchain Development In 2020 You Must Try

Tarulika  |  Jul 22, 2020

As the era of digitization is gaining the pace, new technology-based apps are flooding the marketplace to make the operations efficient for every sector and industry. As we dedicate this platform to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency, we will discuss the Blockchain technology and the developments in the particular technology. With the rise in the widespread use of cryptocurrency, the popularity of Blockchain has witnessed a drastic increase. Corporate houses are engaged enthusiastically in developing the Blockchain-based apps to take advantage of the decentralized ledger technology. In the last article, we read about the importance of Blockchain development and how one can develop apps based on decentralized technology. In this article, we want to list out some of the best tools for Blockchain development so you can get the most out of the technology.

Best Tools For Blockchain Development

Majorly the Blockchain-based decentralised apps are constructed on the Ethereum Blockchain as it provides the standard protocols so that one need not design the app from scratch. We are primarily focusing on the tools compatible with Ethereum Blockchain:


Programming language kit or the understanding of coding language is a must for the development of Blockchain-based apps. One of the most popular languages is Solidity, which supports the object-oriented paradigm which can execute self-enforcing business logic. We use solidity while writing smart contracts, opening the variety of use cases like multi-signature wallets, crowdfunding and many more. So, if you are thinking about code or hiring a team to write codes for Blockchain-based apps, you must be equipped with the skills of Solidity.

Remix IDE

Remix IDE is one tool which helps you in developing the Solidity contracts from your web browser. As it is developed by JavaScript, we can use it in modern browsers. Being supported by inbuilt modules, it brings more functionality to the IDE. For instance, file explorer modules can save or load files from the computer and others include plugin manager, solidity editor and many more.


Metamask is a bridge between Ethereum Blockchain and a web browser which could be Chrome, Firefox, etc. It is basically a browser extension which offers the software platform the server Ether and ERC 20 assets along with helping you to interact with Ethereum DApps. It can easily interact with different Ethereum test networks, which makes it ideal for Blockchain developers.


You need a tool for the Blockchain (on which you are making apps) node implementation. Geth is a tool deployed for Ethereum Blockchain, which can be created by using the Go programming language. We utilise Geth to transfer tokens, mine ETH and for creating smart contracts along with exploring the block history. It is available on various interfaces like JSON-RPC server, command line, interactive console and many more. You need to install Geth to connect with an existing Blockchain and download the codes automatically.

Blockchain Testnet

Testnet is essential for Blockchain developers as it allows you to test your Decentralised Apps before launching into the marketplace. Each Blockchain has its Testnet, for example, Ethereum utilises GAS for fuelling the different actions. Testnet allows you to point out the bugs in the programming without spending much of your money. You can choose either a public test or private Testnet or GanachiCLI as per your needs.

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Constructing the Blockchain for your decentralised apps might not be a workable solution for beginners or even for advanced developers. The better option is to use Blockchain as a Service to create and host your dApp on cloud infrastructure. BaaS provides you with the decentralised infrastructure of cloud to deploy the Blockchain tools and construct the dApp. You can choose from a variety of solutions available like Azure, Microsoft, SAP and many more.


You require the Blockchain framework as one of the tools for Blockchain development. With Ethereum, we use Truffle as a Blockchain framework. It assures the asset pipeline and development environment for the development of Ethereum. It provides the enormous library to tackle the challenges and automate the contract testing, develop smart contracts by linking, compiling, and deploying the tools and also build procedures in a customised way to configure it with an already built pipeline.


Ether.js is the resourceful tool specially used to develop the client-side JavaScript wallets. Initially, it was compatible with, but it has the full-fledged general-purpose library. It has some strike-through features, like maintaining the safety of private keys, connecting with Ethereum nodes and offers amazing documentation.


For easing the Ethereum development, dAppBoard can be an added advantage as it provides the analytical platform for using Ethereum smart contracts. It is one of the tools for Blockchain development which is web-based and helps you in monitoring the total number of users to a dApp or getting the overview of a complete Ethereum network.

Hyperledger Caliper

You need a tool to check the performance of Blockchain so you can develop it in the right direction. Hyperledger Caliper helps you in checking the performance of Blockchain with the help of different parameters like latency, success rate, resource consumption and many more.

Summing Up

In this era of technological advancement, people are exploring the new products and services to ease the operations of day-to-day experience, and companies are utilising the innovations of technological advancements for better management. Technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and many more are continuously surprising the communities by reinventing the experience of the stakeholders of different industries. From better administration to increasing the employment opportunities, the latest technologies are moving ahead for the mass adoption. Blockchain development is developing the app or service based on Blockchain technology to enhance the experience of the stakeholders connected to the network. For developing a Blockchain, besides the skills, tools and platform, you need the patience and tools for Blockchain development to design and launch in the market and wait for the mass adoption. Blockchain is groundbreaking technology providing a highly secured and transparent network for the transmission of information (of value). The blockchain-based app might be the future of the digital era, giving the all-fresh way to live digitally advanced era.

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