C++ Creator Laments Satoshi Nakamoto’s Choice to Implement the Language in Bitcoin Mining

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 01:31 PM Nov 13, 2019

Bjarne Stroustrup vented his frustration for the implementation of C++ programming in Bitcoin (BTC) mining, during an interview with Lex Friedman’s Podcast. The Danish computer scientist seems dissapointed that Satoshi Nakamoto chose the language;  as the fundamental building block to write the initial implementation of Bitcoin’s source code. Stroustrup shed extensive details into the evolution of the C++ language, use cases, implementations and efficiency. Meanwhile, the scientist noted that a huge user base has implemented the language in diverse ways that he could’nt have though about; But Bitcoin implementation is his first dissapointment. 

Outrageous amounts of energy and suspicious use cases

Stroustrup highlighted that once technologists build tools, they never know how users will utilise that particular tool. With time, they attempt to improve the tool and its implementation with existing innovation;  and how to it put into applicable use. However, it is impossible to actually have control on how that tool will be used. In relation to C++ use and misuse, the Computer scientist noted that bitcoin mining operations were consuming outrageous amounts of electricity. Additionally, stroustrup also pointed out the currency’s deployment for illegal operations. He claimed: 

“I'm very happy and proud of some of the things C++ is being used at and some other things I wish people wouldn't do, Bitcoin mining being my favorite example — it uses as much energy as Switzerland and mostly serves criminals.”

Attempts to reduce BTC mining energy consumption

Several players in the cryptoverse have tried to find solutions to energy consumption during Bitcoin mining. For instance, Nothern Bitcoin AG succesfully completed tests for a new air -cooled mining container.  Nothern Bitcoin Ag controls BTC-focused mining hardware that take advantage of renewable sources of energy; and its sole mission is to achieve optimal sustainability and efficiency. Recently, Statista released assesment reports showing that bitcoin mining operations are consuming less electricity; despite high computing power. 


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