Cardano Extends Blockchain Service To 54 African Countries

Olowo by Olowo - 12:09 PM Nov 22, 2019

Cardano Extends Blockchain Service To 54 African Countries

Cardano Foundation has recently announced that it is extending its services to 54 other African countries to integrate blockchain governance.

According to reports, the foundation is looking to function hand-in-hand with different nations’ governments to develop blockchain governance to securely future-screen Africa’s economic sustenance and growth.

Already, Cardano is aiding policymakers and authorities across the knack of Asia and Europe and is hoping to extend the same services to Africa to strengthen the continent’s commercial and legislation standards with its Foundation’s missions.

Nathan Kaiser, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, reportedly affirmed that the firm's major concern for integrating the blockchain network is the legislature and authoritative body of every country.

She further stated how excited the foundation is to be the forbearer to instigate the adoption of such a motive into the blockchain ecosystem.


Cardano Continues To Push For Adoption In Africa

The chairperson showed concern about the needed progress of blockchain service in Africa, saying blockchain service will ensure sustainable growth across Africa.

Cardano is aiming to help African countries enhance their legislative and commercial standards in an accountable and transparent manner that will result in the creation of employment while also ensuring sustainable growth.

As one of the world’s leading non-profitable blockchain organizations, Cardano is looking at assisting Africa nations create a diversion in different parts of the economies while also aiding the enhancement innovation and opening up more investment opportunities.

Presently, Mauritius is taking the lead as the country with Cardano's standard regulatory framework storing digital assets in the whole of Africa and is taking the lead in the blockchain service adoption move.

According to reports, Mauritius would be hosting the Building blockchain bridges roundtable with active participation from the foundation later this week.

As it stands now, Cardano is already creating a team in some other parts of Africa, with the likes of Nigeria, Rwanda topping the list.


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