Charlie Lee Claims Satoshi Nakamoto Donated 50 BTC To Grin

Olowo by Olowo - 01:29 PM Nov 13, 2019

Just recently, a report came in from Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, about Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of the world’s most recognized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

According to the report, a new policy coin, Grin, in about some hours ago, got an anonymous donation of 50 BTC to support the protocol building of the coin and upon considering the address of the sender, it was confirmed that the donation was from no other person than Satoshi.

According to Coinness, there has been a classic conversation on the official telegram group of Grin’s during the early hours of 12th November 2019 that quite banked of the doubts of the makers.

In the conversation, the inventor of Grin, David Burkett and Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee had discussed about the donation of 50BTC, after David confirmed receiving it from anonymous sender.

Later on, Charlie came back with claims that the donation was made by the original bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto with his major proof centering that the address was dated as far back as 9 years ago when the cryptocurrency came to be.

Controversy Still Remains Regarding Satoshi Personality

However, the controversy surrounding Satoshi's personality is still very ongoing and fresh and still very debated on.  His identity remains a mystery but his presence can still very much be felt within the crypto sphere.

Since Bitcoin came to be, Satoshi's identity has raised more dust than ever as many people are banking on the claims that he isn’t just a single individual while there’s also a counterclaim to that.

Also, Craig Wright who has personally come out to conclude himself as Satoshi Nakamoto has his reputation at risk and could cheaply be regarded as the original owners of the bitcoin currency.

However many Crypto industry stakeholders do not believe Craig Wright's claim as Satoshi. Despite this, if the report from Lee is true, it could be that Satoshi has resurfaced after years of silence.


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