China’s Prominent Mining Executives Bullish on Bitcoin Cash

Jafrin  |  Feb 15, 2021

Prominent mining executives, founder of Jiang Zhuoer and Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu, seemed bullish on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). On Feb 11, both the executives appeared on Satoshi’s Angels discussion channel while speaking favorably on Bitcoin cash. Satoshi’s Angels (SA) was founded by Akane Yokoo, an organizer of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup, and the educator and author Cindy Wang.

Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu Bullish on Bitcoin Cash

The founders of Satoshi’s Angels are proponents of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The duo has previously educated the masses on the many benefits of the altcoin. On Feb. 11, on Chinese New Year, the founder of SA along with other crypto supporters joined a WeChat channel to exchange red envelopes. A red envelope is a monetary gift, popular during special occasions in China.

Wang said that Jihan Wu had joined the group and distributed three really big red envelopes. He even left  the envelope with a message that said:

“No matter how high BCH price hits, keep building for our country.” The remarks perhaps came from Jihan Wu knowing that BCH is going to rise.
Similarly, Zhuoer too chatted with the group while sending a big amount of red envelopes. Some of the messages Zhuoer had sent were “Big block will win,” “Big is beautiful, more is good,” “Leverage makes you homeless. Mining makes you rich.”

Bitcoin Cash Had Massive Price Runs

Satoshi's Angels is a marketing agency and umbrella organization for the crypto community that provides education courses, merchant support, community building, and crypto marketing. The platform mainly supports Bitcoin Cash and aims for the cryptocurrency's global adoption. The SA co-founders were extremely thrilled with Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu’s BCH optimism.

The discussion with Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu follows BCH’s recent price run-up as the crypto asset has seen massive gains during the weekend’s trading sessions. At the time of publication, BCH is currently trading at $688 per coin.

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