Coinbase Launches Coinbase Pro iOS Mobile App

Midhat Ali Shaikh by Midhat Ali Shaikh - 05:59 AM Oct 12, 2019
Coinbase Launches Coinbase Pro iOS Mobile App

Coinbase Launches Coinbase Pro iOS Mobile App 
An American cryptocurrency exchange company, Coinbase had inaugurated a mobile app for its advanced users. This is the mobile version for its trading platform, Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase exchange announced the launch of a mobile version on Oct 10. Users can now install the Coinbase Pro on their phones from play store. It offers its users what they really need.

If we play around the app we would find its features. The first tab shows a series of approx 50 trading pairs. If the user taps on any pair, this move shows them real-time candles, order book, active orders along with the trade history for that particular pair.

The second tab shows you the portfolio of crypto assets along with their rate in fiat currencies. The mobile app also facilitates its users with deposit and withdrawal service for digital currency using the app. But the transaction of fiat currency with the app is not possible as it directs to go through the desktop version in case.

Moreover, the app gives access to its users the past and active orders also people can check their fees and limits.

Coinbase Pro mobile app is currently available for iOS users, Android version is soon to be released.

Implementation Of A New Fees Structure 

Since last week, Coinbase Pro has increased trading fees for accounts having low volume. It has become expensive to trade with Coinbase Pro if the trade is less than  $50,000 over 30 days. If the trade is less than $10,000 over 30 days, it charges 0.50% maker and taker fees.

In the meanwhile, Coinbase made a statement on the adoption of the new fees structure. He said the fee structure is designed to  "enhance the depth and liquidity of [...] markets."

Nonetheless, changes in trading fees created annoyance factor amongst the crypto community. Some of the Coinbase Pro users indicated that despite the prominent reduction in stock brokerages, still the change in fees have to be faced.

However, currently, Kraken takes 0.26% is taker fees in trading below $50,000 over 30 days. And Binance exchange charges  0.1% for trading.

Recently, Coinbase Pro has included support for a series of new tokens and announced support for Telegram.

Coinbase Pro is pondering to include the list of new digital assets along with Gram(GRM). Digital assets include Avalanche, Celo, Coda, Dfinity, Filecoin, Handshake, Kadena, Mobilecoin, NEAR, Nervous, Oasis, Orchid, Polkadot, Solana, and Spacemesh.

On Oct 10, Coinbase announced that Coinbase Custody will add Telegram Open Network's token, Gram, as soon as it gets live.

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