What Is the Impact of Coronavirus on Ripple
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What Is the Impact of Coronavirus on Ripple

March 25, 2020      Aditya Nagar

The year 2020, would now be remembered for a serious epidemic disease called Coronavirus. This disease has devastated many small and large scale business, stock markets. Even the cryptocurrencies could not be saved from its clutches. The coronavirus impact on Ripple is one such example. The wide spreading of this demonic disease around the globe has prompted many companies to follow work from home policy for its staff workers. There is hardly any industry left who is not affected by the hovering disease. After seeing the impact of coronavirus on Ripple. one of its chief IT engineers has taken an initiative to guide the office staff in this crucial stage.

It has been reported that 212 mln XRP has been detected by XRPL Monitor, which is transferred anonymous wallets and crypto exchanges. The price has fallen to $0.13. Even though data sharing of massive amounts is continued, there has been no improvement in the price of Ripple, which is decreasing continuously. According to the Twitter bot, in the past hours, around 212 mln XRP were passed. The parties involved in it includes several wallets and crypto exchanges like Coinone and Bithumb.

The coronavirus impact on Ripple has led to a drop in the price of XRP at $0.13. The traders are propelled to buy the dip as per some big transactions. The cryptographer has been advising the staff regarding management. It is all because of coronavirus impacting Ripple. Ripple cryptographer takes all this initiative through a popular social media platform. The impact of Ripple by coronavirus has led to crash down of this third most traded and valuable cryptocurrency in the year 2020.

In the current stage, the price of the XRP token is 0.1441US$, which is much less in comparison to other leading cryptocurrencies. But despite all this, it has gained much importance for its large market capitalization, excessive potential and price at low. The major fact also includes Ripple Labs, one centralized body that governs it.

Whenever it comes to pricing of XRP, the effect of Ripple is considered an understanding phenomenon, which seems just like Ethereum. With the blockchain industry as a wider monetary industry, both these digital currencies follow the trading style like Bitcoin. Sadly, in the current year 2020, coronavirus impact on Ripple has badly affected its cryptocurrency, XRP in the form of price crunch. In the middle of the March month, the crypto coin fell to 39%. It is the biggest drop in the last week since the previous year, 2019.



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There have been other instances of a market slowdown. But the recent impact of Coronavirus on Ripple and other cryptocurrencies had severely affected their prices. Many other prominent businesses and stock markets had a steep fall due to this disease. Till now there has been no aid found to stop it. If it continues to remain stagnant, then it won’t be possible for any business or cryptocurrencies to see a remarkable change in the prices. They will continue to fall just like XRP, the cryptocurrency of Ripple. Well, it is yet not sure whether how much time will Coronavirus last long. But until it is there, it is not possible to see any improvement in the economic market.

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