Craig Wright Sues Bitcoin Developers, Calvin Ayre Releases Statement
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Craig Wright Sues Bitcoin Developers, Calvin Ayre Releases Statement

February 25, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Calvin Ayre, the Antigua-based Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur, recently released a statement on Craig Wright initiating legal action against Bitcoin developers. Ayre targeted all the Bitcoin stakeholders and asked them to acknowledge the fact that the technology faces a grim future without serious changes to the status quo.

Craig Wright Initiates Legal Action Against Developers of BTC, BCH, and Other Technologies

The announcement of Dr. Craig S. Wright, the chief scientist of nChain, suing the developers of Bitcoin, BCH, BCH ABC, and BSV technologies. The chief scientist is doing so in an attempt of recovering bitcoin units worth billions of dollars.

However, the private keys to those crypto assets were stolen last year from his network by unknown hackers.

Although the legal action is not accusing the BTC developers of being behind the hack, the intention of the legal action is to develop the rule of law in relation to personal property.

According to him, Bitcoin is as much related to personal property as any other real asset, and those who are in charge of overseeing the digital assets have a responsibility that the rights to anyone’s personal property should be observed.

Calvin Ayre revealed that Craig is trying to get the developers to recognize that their positions in the network impose some duties and responsibilities that they can’t ignore.

Calvin Ayre’s Take on the Legal Action

The online gambler was targeted by the United States law enforcement agencies two decades after he began his career. His career though began in a time that is now referred to as the wild west period of the industry.

However, he mentioned that the belief that ‘code is law’ never had quite much acceptance outside the world of coders. Ultimately, the law remains the law, and those who opt to ignore this fact will soon face the pressure on them.

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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