Crypto Assets To Get $28 Trillion Retirement Fund Via Generational Change
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Crypto Assets To Get $28 Trillion Retirement Fund Via Generational Change

June 4, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The CEO of Kingdom Trust, Ryan Radloff, recently in an interview has stated that soon the $28 trillion United States retirement fund industry would be released through ‘generational change’ to crypto-assets.

He further stated that in the present time, only the $28 trillion US retirement market is the only available for Bitcoin. Apart from that, there are no other markets that could be more addressable for penetrating Bitcoin or all digital assets.

Generational Change Going To Take Place

Soon, a whole of that money would go through generational change but the market has still not experienced the penetration of Bitcoin into it.

Radloff further asserted, “From a stock-to-flow standpoint, that is a massive deal, because now what you’re doing is unlocking a massive amount of new dollars that can in-flow into our industry. And that’s what that’s why it’s so important”.

According to Radloff, the 7.1 million Americans who already have Bitcoin, would start this wave of moving the capital from retirement market to crypto. But he also mentioned that some of the BTC holders would think of not moving BTC from their retirement account, as they believe that they could secure it there.

Bitcoin Becoming Brand

He mentioned that earlier the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has decided to impose a tax on Bitcoin, therefore, now, it is directly held by qualified custodians and in retirement accounts.

Radloff claimed that soon the 7.1 million people who already have made an investment in Bitcoin, would realize that this is an opportunity to release their savings from Fed’s rattrap.

He also said that currently, most of the leading economists like Paul Tudor Jones, consider Bitcoin a good hedge against the inflationary environment and this has helped the Bitcoin in becoming a brand.

In March 2020, the CIO of Ikigai Asset, Travis Kling, described Bitcoin as insurance which could be used during the time of the hurricane.

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Jyoti Singh
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