Cryptoknowmics Team Lands In Singapore for Binance Super Meetup
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Cryptoknowmics Team Lands In Singapore for Binance Super Meetup

November 13, 2019      Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Cryptoknowmics Team Lands In Singapore for Binance Super Meetup

The Cryptoknowmics Team has recently landed in Singapore to attend the Binance Super Meetup. The team comprises of industry veterans like the company CEO Ajay Agarwal, Marketing and Relations Head Alok Agarwal, Business Development Head Prasenjeet Kashyap, and Arun Sharma. These industry experts would engage with some of the leading names in the blockchain industry during their stay in the island nation. Considering the role that Cryptoknowmics has played in bringing people closer to the crypto world, the team will further contribute to spreading the company’s vision toward creating a crypto-friendly ecosystem.


Cryptoknowmics is deeply committed to providing its consumers with the most genuine updates and information. Its efforts in this direction are apparent from Cryptoknowmics’ endeavours to infuse artificial intelligence in all their operations, which would help them weed out fake news and make the crypto ecosystem more robust and credible. Also, the portal corroborates every piece of information from multiple sources to establish its veracity. Thus, Cryptoknowmics aims to bring to its users the most accurate and precise information.

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You can join our team for an engaging conversation on Cryptoknowmics’ vibrant crypto community for robust discussions, deep learning, and high-impact networking. The team will provide you with invaluable insights into how the company has evolved as a credible source of knowledge for crypto enthusiasts all around the world. Also, they would guide you through the operations of the news portal and how it is helping crypto enthusiasts keep themselves updated on every crypto-related development.


About Cryptoknomics

Cryptoknowmics is a highly reliable decentralized media portal that closely monitors every development happening in the crypto space and brings it directly to the users. It has played a crucial role in readying people to embrace the cryptocurrency space. Apart from real-time news on cryptocurrencies, the portal also features ICOs, IEOs, STOs, evens & airdrops, coins, tokens, and exchange platforms.

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Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Sandeep Kumar Mishra

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