Customers at Miami International Airport are Booking Flights with Bitcoin

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 07:50 AM Nov 14, 2019

A U.K-based  travel company, Alternative Airlines has partnered with Utrust; a cryptocurrency service; to facilitate flight payment through crypto. The Swiss digital payment processor announced the partnership with the travel company earlier yesterday. Both companies are working towards streamlining flight bookings through cryptocurrencies such as Utrust’s Native Token (UTK), DigiByte (DGB), Dash, Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Search over 650 airlines and pay with crypto

The partnership will facilitate instant cross border transactions, crypto-to-cash settlements and buyer protection between the Airlines and its clients. Furthermore, clients will be able to filter through more than 650 arilines on the travel company’s website. Among the airlines include Delta, virgin United, British Airways, Emirates and many more. The Chief Executive Officer at Utrust, Nuno Correia stated : 
“For business or leisure, flight travel can be expensive with consumers saving for months to afford a trip. Considered a high ticket item, it is imperative that consumers are protected when booking flights. Utrust is providing Alternative Airlines’ customers with the increased security and convenience of cryptocurrency payments, and reducing processing fees, to bring greater transparency and trust to the world of online payments.”

Early in August, Utrust also entered into a collaboration with Portuguese Sports Club SL Benfica to enhance payment for tickets and merchandise, through cryptocurrency. The option presented an opportunity for fans and customers to shop for any products on the club’s website, including tickets; through Utrust’s Native Token, Ether and Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin ATM installed at Miami International airport 

Additionally, Bitcoin ATM firm Bitstop installed few of its ATM machines at the Miami International Airport. Customers at the airport will now enjoy flight bookings through Bitcoin. The Chief Strategy Officer at Bitstop, Doug Carrillo noted that more populations are continuing to embrace Bitcoin as mode of payment instead of cash.
“Miami International Airport is a perfect place for our customers to conveniently exchange their dollars for Bitcoin and vice versa when traveling domestically or abroad.”


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