Digifinex: A Finest Cryptocurrency Exchange With Splendid Liquidity

Aditya  |  Jul 11, 2020, 1:30 pm
Digifinex: A Finest Cryptocurrency Exchange With Splendid Liquidity

In the cryptocurrency world, you must have read about cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitcoin wallet exchange. These exchanges are important mechanisms for the trading of cryptocurrencies. But today, we will be introducing you about Digifinex, a cryptocurrency exchange with impressive volatility. This Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange has its registered office located in Seychelles. Also, it is counted among the six registered exchanges in this island country. Digifinex exchange is monitored with the same name, i.e., Digifinex Limited. The founders of this exchange belong to popular firms, like Baidu, Xunlei, HP, and Tencent.

Digifinex is that cryptocurrency exchange, which has the advantage of splendid liquidity. When we talk about market capitalization, then it ranks in the list of 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. Amid the crucial situation of COVID-19, since March, the trading volume of Digifinex has risen from 135 million USD to 1.23 billion. This is how it registered itself in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges bagging 26th position, according to its trading volume within 24 hours. Digifinex has left no room for doubt regarding the prohibition of US-investors from trading. There is no restriction for US traders to do trading here. If they want to do trading, then they can voice their opinion on any problem, that they are facing from their place or citizenship.

Trading Approach Of Digifinex

Every cryptocurrency exchange forms a unique trading approach. It all depends upon your understanding and decision-making in choosing the right trading approach. There is something very common among the opinions, and that is revealing of order book or some segment of it, and a price chart of selected digital currency. Besides this, they generally comprise buy and sell boxes. It is suggested to never take a hasty step in finalizing an exchange, without getting a depth analysis of its trading approach. If it seems promising, then you are most welcome to mark it with a green tick.

What About Fees?

Digifinex fees are divided into two parts. The first one is trading fees and another one is withdrawal fees. Let us know about the first one.

Trading Fees

Well, let us tell you that there are no distinctive fees charged by Digifinex cryptocurrency exchange, in between takers and makers. This Singapore-based exchange comprises a flat fee model, of 0.20%, below the 0.25% of the global industry average.

Withdrawal Fees

Digifinex is not among those exchanges that feature with competitive trading fees and hitting you out with withdrawal fees. The charging of this cryptocurrency exchange is 0.0003, at the time of BTC withdrawal, which is much lesser than the global industry average.


This is all about the Digifinex. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that differs itself from other exchanges in terms of fees. Initially, deposits of fiat currency were not acceptable by this trading platform, which indicated no possible trading for newbie investors of cryptocurrency. But currently, it is not the same, the credit card deposits are now accepted by Digifinex. So if you are equipped with a Master or Visa card, then there are possible opportunities for you to buy cryptocurrency on this exchange. Other than Digifinex, if you want to know about blockchain wallet exchange, then be abreast of the crypto world.

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