Don’t Wait for the BTC Dip, Lest You will Miss the Bus!

Sandeep  |  Dec 18, 2020

Hey folks! Waiting for the BTC dip after it’s turning $23k to invest? Well… over ninety percent of the people are!

With the popularity of BTC spreading like wildfire, people who are not even tech-savvy are wondering how to buy Bitcoin.

Now, coming to the most important question of the day- whether to go for a BTC purchase now or to wait for BTC to dip? Then our short and clear answer is - NO! If you really want to buy it, then buy it right now.

There is a high possibility that the coin will show an overall surge in the coming months. And buying BTC now will have clear advantages. Let’s discuss them.

But before coming to those, let us see the value of BTC trading at the time of writing this article.

BTC trading

Yes, it’s 23,094.81 USD. Splendid, right?

The basic investment strategy says “ buying at dips'', which doesn’t mean buying the asset when it is all-time down. Rather buying it when it is below average. A large segment of experts believe in this strategy but Cryptoknowmics has clear reasons for suggesting you to do otherwise.

For Example...

Let’s say you have invested in BTC on its all-time high of $23,000. And we are assuming you have a mindset of a HODLer as buying the BTC at its all-time high value is surely not for short term trading purposes.

Now tomorrow morning the price drops to $20,000 which will eventually happen one day soon [ yeah, you read that right- be prepared for that!]. Now, what’s next? Yes, it hurts, but anyway in 2021, the coin will flow into higher values. We are saying this on the basis of the history of BTC performance. Digital gold will surely go high in the future. And the loss of $2000 over a week will negate the rise of thousands of dollars in the near future. 

Now, if you really want to trade in BTC for short-term purposes, then also you will get the exit soon. 

The crux of investing in BTC right now is that we don’t want you to lose the BUS! As it might happen that the BTC will never be as low as $23,000… who knows!!

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