Enjin and MetaverseMe Partner to Merge NFTs with Augmented Reality
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Enjin and MetaverseMe Partner to Merge NFTs with Augmented Reality

January 28, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

Leading blockchain gaming platform Enjin and augmented reality platform MetaverseMe are partnering to bring virtual fashion items to the Ethereum blockchain. According to the official press release, the partnership will create a line of tradable non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing clothing for avatars in the MetaverseMe app. Users of the digital avatars can also wear the fashion NFTs within the app.

Enjin to Host the NFTs While MetaverseMe Will Visualize the NFTs

Blockchain-based gaming platform Enjin will host the NFTs while MetaverseMe App will help visualize the NFTs. Moreover, the fashion NFTs will be provably owned by the users.

According to a statement, the MetaverseMe app will enable users to click selfies in the real world while generating hyper-realistic avatars. Users can then record their avatar wearing the fashion NFTs in AR and even share the videos on social media.

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In the announcement release, the founder of MetaverseMe, Martyn Hughes stated:

“It won’t belong before blockchain is recognized as the internet of value for all immersive experiences. Being able to take your assets and use them across all of your favorite games and apps will revolutionize the digital economy.”

First Collection to be Available on Pluriform Platform

The first collection of the fashion NFTs will be available through the Pluriform platform, created through a collaboration with design studio The Fabricant and Atari, the gaming company that recently partnered with Enjin.

The collection will be available between 23 February and 28 February. After that, the unsold NFTs will burn will to ensure the uniqueness of the collection.

Users can wear the Pluriform fashion line in MetaverseMe’s augmented reality mode. Users can also move the NFTs to virtual worlds such as Minecraft, The Six Dragons, and KickOff Evolution.

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Enjin CEO, Maxim Blagov, commented on the partnership with MetaverseMe:

“Blockchain and augmented reality are two technologies on a predetermined collision course. Soon, your likeness will be able to ascend across the entire internet, and we’re excited to work with the MetaverseMe team to make this happen.”

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Jafrin Ahmed
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