EOS Authority Fake Bot Scam Explodes On Telegram
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EOS Authority Fake Bot Scam Explodes On Telegram

February 13, 2020      Tarulika Jain

A hoax EOS authority bot has been found to be popping up on Telegram which asks the users to hand over private keys of their accounts to monitor their funds. So far, many users have warned about the scam, which advises EOS holders not to disclose confidential information on any messaging app.

How Do The Fake EOS Authority Bots Come Into The Picture?

The real EOS Authority Bot, with username @EOSauthoritybot, has been active on Telegram since 2018. It facilitates the users in monitoring their accounts. It became popular among the holders due to its operability. After observing the trust of users on EOS bot, some the sophisticated hackers started the fake bots with username @EOSauthoritys_bot to confuse the users. The fake bot imitated the official EOS bot to scam users by gaining their private keys (just like password of account).

The scam bot firstly came into the picture at the beginning of February, when an account holder posted the screenshot of his chat with “EOSauthoritybot” where the bot asked to add an account for already existed account. The suspicion arose when the bot mentioned about both owner and private key.

The EOS Authority added the alert after several chats evaded the various digital platforms. The authority warned the users that scammers are asking for the private keys by using the confusing username. It advised the account holders that though it is difficult to detect the fake telegram accounts, in any case, private keys must not be shared. The developers requested the users to discontinue any engagement with the fake bots, which asked for private keys.

There is minimal information about the affected users. The longevity of the existence of fake bot on the messaging app is also unknown.

Revealing Of Private Keys Is “Blunder”!

The crypto space is not alienated from scams, but the Telegram bots are relatively new to the crypto enthusiasts. Many sophisticated scammers are attacking the cyberspace after higher technology penetration. Though the digital asset holds the global future the regulation and restrictions are the need of the present. The traders or crypto enthusiasts must also be aware of the basic rules of the crypto industry, especially related to private keys.

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