ESET Reports Success to Disrupt Undetected Monero-Mining Botnet

Vandana  |  Apr 23, 2020

ESET, a Slovakian cybersecurity firm has reported that it managed to disrupt the Monero-mining botnet. This was an undetected Monero or XMR mining botnet in Latin America.

It has been announced by the firm on Thursday i.e. April 23. Through reports, it came out that ESET has managed to infect around 35,000 computers from May 2019 to till date. It also came out that 90% of these infected or compromised devices are located in Peru.

ESET researchers dubbed the botnet VictoryGate

The researchers at ESET have also dubbed the botnet VictoryGate as this platform was involved in the illegal Monero mining. According to the announcement by the firm, the malware has been using high resources on infected computers. It has resulted that the CPU’s of such devices contained huge load which ultimately resulted in damaging the device.

ESET has also said that it has also got success in taking down the command and control server. This helps to divert all the requests to a similar domain name. Along with this, it has also helped the firm to control all the infected devices.

ESET is also working with Shadowserver Foundation which is non-profit organisations in this operation. Both the firms are also trying to somehow reduce the threat which has been created by VictoryGate. The users are also allowed to use the free online scanner which has been provided by the firm in order to make it clear whether their devices are infected or not.

Attackers moving towards Monero

Through recent reports, it came out that some of the attackers are now moving towards Monero by leaving Bitcoin behind. The main attackers were the one who were behind Sodinokibi ransomware. This step has been taken by such attackers in order to hide from the law enforcement bodies. During the starting of this month, Travelex which is a firm based in the United Kingdom has forked out around $2.3 million in bitcoin. This has been done because the firm was infected by the Sodinokibi attack.

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