Ethereum 1.X Introduces The Concept Of Stateless Clients
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Ethereum 1.X Introduces The Concept Of Stateless Clients

January 18, 2020      Javeria

While the development of the sharding-enabled Ethereum 2.0 is on the go, the developers are also focussing on maintaining the existing chain’s operability during the transition. The main motive behind dubbed Ethereum 1.x is to maintain the Ethereum’s usability as the work is going on Serenity upgrade. 

Ethereum Foundation (EF) in a blog explained the fact that the new version of Ethereum is still years away. The blog post noted that the final version of Ethereum would not be ready any time soon and would take years. So, at present, the team is focusing on making changes to the existing chain in order to fix any problems that wouldn’t render Ethereum before the comprehensive protocol upgrade would be ready.

Solutions Proposed By Ethereum To Mitigate Issues

Although there are no insurmountable issues, the developers are still working on the small degradations of performance which are merely happening because of the continuous growth of the blockchain. Developers are working to download the full nodes and process the whole of Ethereum’s history which is almost weighing 200 gigabytes.

Various solutions are imposed to mitigate these issues. Storage requirements issues can be fixed by pruning i.e. by deleting the unneeded blockchain data. Block pre-announcement where miners would report new block even before they are validated can fix network latency issues. This would ensure the accurate operation of the blockchain as the nodes will get enough time to distribute block information. As per the developers, this optimization is within reach.

How Stateless Clients Will Curb Chain Bloat

The core direction of the research is to reduce state bloat. The previous scheme of state rent was thrown out as unfeasible. According to the “state rent” smart contracts would have to pay fees for their share of state usage. Instead of that Ethereum 1.x is now introducing “stateless clients” in which clients will calculate the changes to it from a previous block using “block witnesses” instead of storing the entire state. The benefits seem significant although some nodes would still maintain the entire state.

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