Ethereum Co-founder Joseph Lubin’s Interoperability Theory Of China Coin with Public Blockchains

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 12:37 PM Nov 11, 2019

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum’s cofounder is hopeful that China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will enable interoperability with public permissionless blockchains such as Ethereum. Joseph, who is also the founder of Consensys shared his remarks during an interview with Forbes. In the Interview published on Nov 9, Joseph noted: 
“I assume it is going to be exactly what Chinese leadership thinks is most beneficial to Chinese leadership. Hopefully that’s also open and we can interoperate with it, but I don’t know.”

Lubin added that he was ready to witness further participation of the Chinese blockchain community into the Ethereum ecosystem. He also noted the case of the Belt & Road Blockchain-based commerce platform; claiming it had implemented a weaker framework in comparison to Ethereum’s public blockchain. Lubin remarked: 
“I would love to help China get expert in Ethereum technology. [...] The main idea is that Ethereum is the strongest of the blockchain technologies and it’s a very positive virus to implant in people’s minds.”

CBDC Against US-Dollar, No

Nevertheless, Lubin also stated that China would continue undermining the United States Dollar status as a global reserve currency. However, he pointed out that China’s stable coin would only have minor impacts in the long run. Lubin also believes that Russia and China are making efforts to conduct business outside the United States dollar. 
“There are lots of reasons why American influence is shrinking and will probably continue to shrink. That may not be a bad thing but in some ways, it’ll be a bad thing. China’s particular cryptocurrency I don’t think is a major factor.”

Lubin went on to explain China’s dire willingness in obstructing access to cryptocurrencies competing with its own, especially Ether (ETH). He also pointed out the administration’s enthusiasm to impede Ethereum access in China and claimed this solely depended on progress in deep packet inspection; and rather how much they were motivated to block blockchain in the nation.

Satellite - Blockchain Streaming & Mesh Networking

Eventually, Lubin admitted that the government has the ability to block access if it needs to. However, fresh innovation like satellite-blockchain streaming and mesh networking would somewhat provide a means to circumvent censorship. In response to whether he believes China’s CBDC could subvert potential benefits or abuse of blockchain’s transparency; in monitoring and control of citizen transactions, Lubin stated: 
“China is a business that writes its own rules and has an enormous customer base — 1.4 billion people. That’s a tough economic force to compete with. I do think there’s an instability. I think leaders are constantly terrified of revolution, so they have to keep the people relatively happy at some baseline level.”

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