Facebook’s Forecast Beta Launches Giving Competition to Crypto Prediction Markets

Vandana  |  Jun 26, 2020

Facebook’s Forecast app has been launched by the research and development engineers of the firm. The app has been launched in the beta version currently and is built around predictions. As soon as it has been launched it is quite clear that it is facing competition from the whole crypto predictions market. The firm has specified that all the information and survey which will be done using this app will be made publically available on the forecast website.

Facebook’s Forecast app currently available for invited users

It has been clarified while announcing that Facebook’s forecast app is currently available for U.S. and Canada based invited users only. Before the launch of this beta version, the app was tested by the employees of the firm. It has been seen that representatives from different sectors including academic, health and research have contributed to give the predictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Augur to launch a powerful platform for betting markets

The firm has revealed that if there will be the integration of Facebook’s forecast app with Libra then it will offer an extremely powerful network for the predictive markets. It has been seen that the launch of this forecast app will be seeing some huge competition from the whole crypto predictions market.

Augur’s v2 transition is also planning to offer an extremely powerful platform, particularly for the decentralized betting markets. It is expected that Augur will be launching this app before the U.S. election which will take place in November. It has also been announced by Augur that its platform will be integrated with both MakerDAO’s DAI and 0x (ZRX) as a settlement currency. Plus the app will be built up using the mobile-focused user interface. Not only, Augur, Waves is also focusing on the predictions market which is related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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