FBI Arrests Russian Man For Planning To Plant Malware In Computer

Jyoti  |  Aug 27, 2020

The law enforcement agency in the US, FBI, has recently, arrested a Russian named, Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, for asking an employee at Nevada to install malware on his employer’s computer. It has been found that for doing so, Kriuchkov offered $1 million in Bitcoin to the employee.

However, the employee declined Kriuchkov’s offer and immediately reported the incident to the FBI.

FBI’s Effort To Catch Convict

On August 26, the US Department of Justice released documents charging Kriuchkov and stated that the Russian man arrived in the US with a plan to destroy the protected computer system in Nevada. For this, he tried to recruit the employee but was not successful. 

Notably, while filing a complaint against Kriuchkov, the employee registered his name a CHS1, and mentioned that the 27-year-old Russian has accepted, he is a part of a larger gang.

As per the report, soon after lodging complaints against the convict, the FBI started tracing his movement continuously for three weeks in August. The law agency even eavesdrops on his communications and accumulated several pieces of evidence against him to prove his involvement in the illegal activity.

The FBI arrested Kruichkov on August 22 from Los Angeles.

Kriuchkov Discussed Plans With CHS1

On August 23, a complaint was registered against Kriuchkov in the US District of Reno, where the accused contacted CHS1 through Whatsapp, in mid-July and later arranged a meeting in Nevada. 

After twelve days the 27-year-old Russian arrived in the US and met the employee several times. He discussed the idea of planting malware on the employer’s computer. Kriuchkov told the employee that this would help his Russian colleagues to get access to the unnamed company’s data.

It has been reported that the Russian company was planning to use the data to threaten the US company so that it pays them a hefty ransom. However, it has not been notified how the Russian man was planning to receive the ransom. 

Kriuchkov even told the employee that his Russian colleagues would also introduce a DDoS attack on the servers of the company. In this way, the security team of the company would have got occupied with it and in the meantime, the Russian gang would have breached into the company’s computer.

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