Fortnight Gamer Beware of Syrk - Crypto-stealing Ransomware

Richard M Adrian by Richard M Adrian - 10:09 AM Aug 27, 2019

Fortnight Players should be aware of a new crypto stealing ransomware that encrypts files; deletes entire folders on your computer in case you dont pay ransom. The malware, Syrk is especially prevalent with programs that promise to offer game cheats for winning fortnight points. As a fortnight player myself, I would urge players to avoid falling trap of an application or program that seek to cheat in the game.

In fact, the basis of your PC problems begins once you hit the install button and its pretty obvious; that you are also attempting to cheat in the game. Usually, such malware are fake and will never deliver on their promise. 

Syrk malware is based on an open source program called Hidden- cry. An encryption software that appeared online in December 2018. In fact, the software has been the basis of several malware programs in the gaming industry. 

Syrk Malware Message 

Sources claim that targeting fortnight players is such a premium idea because of the platform's more than 250 million players. On executing the encryption process on your computer - the following message appears requesting the user; to contact a unanimous email and pay ransom. 

Your personal files are being encrypted by Syrk Malware. Your photos, videos, documents e.t.c. The only way to recover is to contact this email ( and submit your ID. After paying, you will be sent a password that will help decrypt your files.If you dont do these actions before the timer expires, your files will start to be deleted. At the first timer, files in the photo folder will begin to be deleted, at the second timer files in the desktop folder will begin to be deleted, at the third timer files in the documents folder will begin to be deleted.”


Head of Security Analytics at Vetra, Chris Morales commented that social engineering malware through online video games is inevitable and has been going on for a while.Given the massive audiences around online gaming, it poses an easy target for cyber crimes and ransomware. Meanwhile,  a malware/ransomware program that poses as a hack/game cheat program will easily attract downloads; and bypass any app stores application validation. 

Bottom line

Syrk masquerades as a hack tool for cheating in Fortnight.Once it installs on your personal computer, the program begins encrypting files on your USB drives and hard drives. Failure to pay the crypto ransom, the timer expires and the program begins deleting important folders - one after the other.


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