ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2021-2025: Can FOR Reach $1 by the End of This Year?

Guneet  |  Oct 17, 2021

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has exploded in popularity, resulting in a slew of new DeFi-focused products. Some are designed to be consumed, while others are designed to aid in producing other goods.

Platforms like ForTube are entire systems that are powered by The Force, a dedicated DeFi network. We'll go over ForTube, what it adds to the DeFi table, and how it works in this article.

FOR is ForTube's and The Force Protocol's native utility coin, and it's used for things like lending service rewards, platform governance votes, and governance staking.

To find out, keep reading to understand more about ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2021, FOR price prediction 2022, and until 2025.

What Is ForTube Crypto?

ForTube is a decentralized financial services platform that specializes in crypto bonds. Through ForTube cryptocurrency bonds, the platform aims to make financial services more inclusive and enable worldwide access to all.

Cryptocurrency bonds are a new type of bond in which the payment is made with crypto tokens. It provides two benefits to the virtual currency market: it provides finance for the sector and creates products that provide stable incomes while matching investor needs.

Furthermore, because cryptocurrency bonds are based on distributed ledger technology (DLT), they do not require governmental approval prior to issuance. An issuer, an investor, and a rater make up the system. The bond is issued once the issuer has demonstrated repayment ability through collateral.

The platform offers the following services:

BondToken: The bond is issued in the form of a BondToken when it has been reviewed.

Bond Credit Rating: To issue bonds, the platform uses a decentralized registration process, with the issuer's information is automatically validated by the network.

Bond Liquidation: ForTube enables liquidation in the event that the pledged money loses value. Liquidation can occur if the issuer fails to repay within the agreed-upon time frame, in addition to the asset losing value.

Let’s see ForTube (FOR) price prediction for the upcoming years.

Price Analysis of the FOR Token

The sections below outline the ForTube (FOR) price prediction for the next five years.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2021

During October 2021, the price of the ForTube coin will be $0.13 and then reaching $0.105 in November 2021 and staying consistent during December 2021.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2022

In January 2022, the price of the ForTube token will be $0.123 and then will rise to $0.144 in June 2022.

The coin will further rise to $0.155 in November 2022.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2023

The expected price of the ForTube coin during January 2023 is $0.179. 

In 2023, the price of the FOR coin will reach $0.201. However, it will decline to $0.15 in December 2024, implying users will buy more FOR tokens.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2024

The year 2024 will be a pessimistic year for the ForTube coin. During May 2024, it is expected to reach $0.188 and then decline to $0.169 during July 2024. 

Despite the negative price change, the coin's price will increase to $0.18 in December 2024.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction 2025

The price of the ForTube token will reach $0.243 in February 2025. An all-time high price of $0.268 is expected during May 2025.

 However, in December 2025, the price of the ForTube coin will drop to $0.203.

ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

The price analysis of FOR coin by various media outlets is listed in the section below:

Wallet Investor

In one year, the long-term profit potential of ForTube token is +69.78 percent. In the next five years, the price of ForTube (FOR) will be $0.374.

Digital Coin Price

The year-end expected price of the ForTube coin is $0.105 and then $0.145 by the end of 2022.

Gov Capital

Gov Capital predicted that the ForTube token would be worth $0.089in December 2021 and then rise to $0.118 in October 2022. 

In the next four years, considering the optimistic market scenario, the FOR coin will be worth $0.2039.

Coins Arbitrage Bot

According to FOR price prediction by Coin Arbitrage Bot, the ForTube price should be around $0.148 by the end of 2022, and it might possibly reach $0.24 by the end of 2023. 

Moreover, a fantastic value of $0.389 per ForTube is estimated at the end of 2024.

Our ForTube (FOR) Price Prediction

The ForTube (formerly The Force Protocol) describes itself as a set of distributed crypto-finance services protocols on an open-source blockchain platform. Its SDK tools and APIs for DApp development aim to provide crypto-finance solutions to developers. 

The platform offers the following services-

  • Cross-platform asset transactions
  • On-chain payments 
  • Cryptoasset-backed stablecoin issuance 
  • Cross-chain communication,
  • Token bond issuance 
  • So, should you consider buying the FOR token? 

    The growth of ForTube crypto is quite slow as compared to other DeFi protocols. The long-term investment (upto four years) may give you a return of at least $2 per FOR coin.

    However, during the short term, the coin will be worth at least $1.057 (by December 2021).

    Consider doing your own research before investing in the FOR token.


    With Ethereum being overtaken by DeFi platforms, infrastructure and networks devoted to the DeFi scene are required if the area is to garner widespread adoption. 

    The Force Protocol demonstrates that a DeFi technology stack with tokenized protocols like ForTube, and a primary interface with smart contracts can power the entire ecosystem.

    The Force Protocol is a crypto-based financial platform that is supported by major blockchain networks. It is made up of DeFi-focused components that aim to provide a global audience with inclusive, transparent, and secure decentralized financial services.

    According to social media platform price projections, the FOR coin would be worth at least $0.57 by the end of 2021, according to ForTube price prediction 2021. Furthermore, the FOR price forecast is reasonably bullish, with the currency anticipated to surpass the $2 level in the next four years.

    Cryptoknowmics readers are encouraged to conduct their own research before making investment decisions. This article is not intended to be treated as trading advice. Before committing to an investment, each investor should conduct thorough research and familiarize themselves with local jurisdictions.

    We are not responsible for any decisions made as a result of reading this material, and we strongly advise you to do your own research before acting. Despite our best efforts to ensure that the information contained above is factual and up to date, omissions, errors, or typos may occur.

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