Gaming Industry To Boost Cryptocurrency Growth, Tron And Ripple Already One Foot In

John Kiguru by John Kiguru - 01:33 PM Jul 30, 2019
Gaming Industry To Boost Cryptocurrency Growth, Tron And Ripple Already One Foot In

One of the worlds largest gaming competition came to an end at the start of the week. The event, Fortnite World Cup, hosted in New York saw hundreds of competitors battle in video games. The winner of the competition walked away with around $3 million. Now, there is talk that gaming money is headed to cryptocurrencies. Currently, the gaming industry is linked to the crypto industry through various partnerships and deals. This will increase rapidly over the coming months. Spearheading this new approach is Tron and Ripple.

The gaming industry generated over $135 billion in 2018 and this number continues to grow by the year. Speaking at the New York event, cryptocurrency asset manager Ikigai stated that it was just a matter of time before the huge money in the gaming industry came to crypto.

Ripple And Tron's Approach To The Gaming Industry

One of the ways Ripple and Tron are bringing cryptocurrencies to gaming is by allowing players to buy and sell digital assets in games through cryptocurrencies. Gamers need tools and special reinforcements when playing games and the game allows them to buy online. Cryptocurrencies can close the gap between the sellers of these digital assets and buyers. Already, Ripple has partnered with Fortnite to create this kind of economy. The two collaborated earlier in the year to create a blockchain-based, peer-to-peer economy. For this, Ripple coughed out $100 million to accelerate development.

Likewise, Tron has made a substantial investment as it prepares to become a leader in the gaming industry. The Tron foundation has established a TRON Arcade. This was designed to attract gaming developers who are to use the platform to provide the best blockchain gaming experience to users.

In conclusion, it is clear the gaming industry and cryptocurrency industry is destined together. They not only target the same market but also complement each other in their functionality. In the months to come, partnerships will grow and bring in new developments that see both industries prosper. For Ripple and Tron their effort and commitment, getting the highest stake, will benefit them in getting and see their tokens rise.

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