Author : John Kiguru

John is an exceptional writer with a liking on technology, finance and the intersection of the two. A firm believer in the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. When he is not writing, he likes to listen to Nas, Eminem and The Beatles.

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Roger Ver Contradicts 50% Report, Says Only 10% Of Staff Laid Off

A recent report has shown that has laid off 50% of its staff. This was heavily covered by differen ...

  Apr 7, 2020
Brendan Blumer Reacts To Bitfinex Support For EOS Staking

Today, Tuesday 07, Bitfinex has announced that its customers will begin earning staking rewards. In its announ ...

  Apr 7, 2020
Bullish: Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Deposits Hits A 3 Year Low, Are Investors HODLing?

New data has revealed that Bitcoin exchange deposits have hit a new record low. Normally, when investors are d ...

  Apr 6, 2020
Bitcoin Halving Is Near But Since COVID-19 Few Care, Why?

For the last four years, the crypto community has looked forward to the Bitcoin halving. Beginning last year a ...

  Apr 6, 2020
Poll Shows Shut Down Of Free Markets Will Boost Bitcoin

The free market plummets witnessed in the last couple of weeks has led some to suggest that the government clo ...

  Mar 24, 2020
Sell Stocks and Fiat Currencies, Buy Crypto and Gold: KimDotcom

Though the crypto market continues to plunge alongside traditional markets, it remains the best hedge in a fin ...

  Mar 11, 2020
Over $800M Liquidated Following Market Plunge; What Happened?

Investors' pockets have been hit hard. In the last 24 hours, over 52,000 investors have seen $800 million of t ...

  Mar 9, 2020