How to Get a Job in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry in India

Jyoti  |  Mar 18, 2020

The increasing market of cryptocurrency in India is creating opportunities for so many crypto-enthusiasts. Whether you are a blockchain developer or an analyst, you should be a skilled professional in your field, to get a job in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Since the year 2013, crypto-exchanges started operating in India. At that time, people were not much aware of it, they were not sure whether Cryptocurrency has any future in India or not. But some of the crypto-enthusiasts developed their interest in it and felt that Crypto-Industry would have a great future in India, therefore, they decided to invest in it. They promoted it on every platform, taught others how they could use it, what are its benefit and many more things. Slowly, as the market started increasing, it started generating jobs.

Last year, the RBI imposed a banking ban on cryptocurrencies because it is decentralized in nature. But a few days back when the SC of India lifted that ban, it increased the market value of many cryptocurrencies. The SC’s decision has also helped the industry to increase its manpower. Earlier, only the software developers were interested in the job opportunities by crypto-industry, but today, people from different field are getting involved with it.

How To Get a Job In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Industry?


The industry always has thousands of openings for job seekers. It not only provides a good salary to its employees but also many other perks.

So, if a Blockchain Developer needs a job in the industry then they should not only have a degree in Computer Science but also know to code perfectly. It is important for a person to have an experience of working as a developer in any company.

If you want to be a Project Manager in the company, you should have a degree in business and should also have experience of managing a project. Later, when you will join the company it would provide you with general training in cryptocurrency.

If you are an outsider, don’t know anything about how to make a career in blockchain technology in India, then you can be part of a sales team or marketing team, but you must be skilled in your field.

Career In Blockchain Technology In India


career in blockchain


There are many Blockchain Technology companies in India that would provide with suitable job opportunities.

  1. EzyRemit: A Bangalore-based company founded in the year 2015. It works on remittance which is built on top of the blockchain. The company deals with the problem which is generated by the flagship blockchain-based products of fintech, banking and payments. However, you need to be an expert to find a place here as it doesn't have entry-level cryptocurrency jobs.
  2. Signzy: Another Bangalore-based company, which was founded to merge artificial intelligence with the blockchain so that it could generate a secured user-friendly product.
  3. Primechain: It’s a young startup which provides blockchain solution to government, capital market, defence and military, telecommunication and etc. The company has blockchain-powered products i.e., Primechain CONTRACT, Primechain API, Primechain LOAN, Primechain Charge Registry, Primechain KYC, Primechain MONEY.
  4. PSI PHI Blockchain Labs: The start-up builds a next-gen solution for the DLT-based digital economies. The company works in Supply Chain, Telecom and Healthcare. The core product of it is Crypto Locker and Digi Rail.
  5. Darwin Labs: The company develops an app for blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies.
  6. Conclusion


    The demand for cryptocurrencies has been increasing in the country. The crypto-enthusiasts have now got a chance to try their luck in this industry. Grab the opportunities to get jobs in cryptocurrency in India.

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