Gold Standard Banking Launches G999 DLT Ecosystem for Easy Crypto Transactions
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Gold Standard Banking Launches G999 DLT Ecosystem for Easy Crypto Transactions

October 7, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

German’s leading software and blockchain group, GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB), launches a new DLT ecosystem that makes cryptocurrencies transactions easier and faster.

In an international press conference, Josip Heit, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GSB, presented the unique electronic money system “G999”, a card device and app all in one.

CEO of the Gold Standard Banking Group of companies said:

“Our blockchain ecosystem is open-source and based on computer technology, which allows anyone to develop their new or established business according to a proof of the stack model.”

Easier, Faster, and Secured Crypto Transactions

The G999 allows for a faster payment method, micro-fees, including a communication network guaranteeing customers absolute privacy, which is quite impossible in the current technological landscape.

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G999 promotes that blockchain must ensure compliance with environmental regulations, particularly in the matters of energy saving. It can also manage personal data in a completely secured method, away from the mainstream web through a decentralized data center.

G999 enables tokens to be stored, traded, and used almost simultaneously without being dependent on intermediaries such as banks or payment processors.

In addition, it also offers a plethora of services like wallet communication, a spam hacker-free e-mail service, and a voice and chat system fully integrated into the platform making it impossible for anyone to intercept, among other communication channels.

Offering A Simplistic User Experience

The creation of a tutorial academy regularly supports users regarding texts and technical videos to facilitate simplistic user experience.

CTO Cocindau adds:

“In my opinion, it is one of the best technical creations of modern times. As far as the cost of the Blockchain platform is concerned, it is dynamically calculated according to the amount of information you send through the platform; our goal is to make this technology fully accessible to everyone worldwide.”

To conclude, G999 perhaps opens the possibility of a future where there will be no longer any circulating currencies (fiat currencies) while getting replaced by a global virtual currency system.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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